Camp coffee and hot dogs

Published: July 21st 2013
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This morning I eased over to Bill and Rebecca’s campsite and had some “camp coffee” fixed on the campfire. It was quite good. It was kind of nice sitting around their campsite and drinking coffee since they had quite a large space. Actually it wasn’t such a designated space but a place to set up a tent and a table and a fire pit. I guess in “tent only” spots since the vehicle is usually parked in a parking lot near the site and the people walk down or hike in to their spaces there is more space allowed. They had a nice site overlooking a very large meadow with water flowing slowly through it. It was bordered on the other end by forest.

After a bit we decided to go into town and they were going to Starbucks and I had decided I would get something to eat elsewhere and we would meet at the library and we would take my truck to Strawberry Hot Springs. We figured that would be the best way to go as I had an older truck and we didn’t want to subject her new vehicle to that last couple of miles of washboard dirt road before arriving at the Strawberry Hot Springs. My truck had an extended cab with room behind the seats for someone to ride if not in total comfort at least comfortable enough for a short trip.

So they went to Starbucks and I went to Wendy’s. I didn’t go to MacDonalds because I was going to the library later, and planned on using the free WIFI there. And besides I wanted to get something to eat.

So after eating at Wendy’s I went to the library and got on the internet and caught up on my emails and blog. The name of the library in Steamboat Springs is the Bud Werner Memorial Library. They have a very nice set up at this library with tables with plugs throughout it. I went upstairs and found some large tables with electrical outlets built into the middle of them next to some large picture windows overlooking the Yampa River. Very Nice! While working I could watch the river and all the people swimming and tubing in it below.

So I set up my office and settled in and after a bit Bill and Rebecca came by and said they
Hot springsHot springsHot springs

Hot springs feeding into the Yampa River by the library
had decided to take their own car to Strawberry Hot Springs and would meet me there if I wished. So I gave them one of the Steamboat Springs maps I had with the route mapped on it and they headed out. I really didn’t mind as I really don’t like sharing rides anyway and like having my own vehicle available to come and go from anywhere as I please.

Nothing annoys me more than being ready to go somewhere and the other party is jerking around with having or wanting to do something that should have been done yesterday or last week. Too many times when I have been ready to leave at the appointed time the other party has to go to the store or eat or something else equally ignorant. That should have already been done. So I always try and have my own vehicle and meet someone where we are going. Actually in most cases I just decide to go by myself. Much less complicated.

In any case after a bit I decided I was quite happy working on things in the library and so sent my nephew an email that I was
My new campsiteMy new campsiteMy new campsite

I moved over a space to a site that had more shade.
going to stay at the library and would see them later at the campground. I was relieved they decided to take their own car………and as they say 3’s a crowd.

I was working away nicely at the library and then realized that it was getting to be 5PM. So I concluded my work for the day and explored the river and town a bit more then eased back to the campground around 7PM.

I fixed up some tomatoes and avocados for supper planning on having tuna for later. While I was eating the tomatoes and avocados Bill and Rebecca showed up and told me not to eat too much because they were fixing supper over the campfire and I should come over. So I did and we had chicken breast, hot dogs, zucchini, and beans, all cooked over the campfire. I also decided to live a little and had a couple of beers.

So after eating we visited around the campfire for a bit and then I eased back to my campsite to turn in for the night.

Another good day. : )

Additional photos below
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Bark beatle resistant treesBark beatle resistant trees
Bark beatle resistant trees

The forest service is planting bark beetle resistant trees to replace the millions killed by the bark beetle.
Tent only campingTent only camping
Tent only camping

Bill and Rebecca's campsite in the tent only area. The site is huge with an open meadow behind it.

21st July 2013

Yummy camp cooking
Nothing better! We have a chef friend who used to take lobster, steak and a basket of fine china when he went camping. He said, just because you are sleeping outside you don't have to be a savage. He was an amazing cook.
22nd July 2013

chef friend
A friend who is a chef is a nice friend to have : )
23rd July 2013

It has actually been hot enough inthe UK to have a bbq in my garden - I could alomost imagine I am camping!!
23rd July 2013

Sounds like fun
Sounds like Fun. When I visited family in Coventry they barbequed (sort of ) outside. I'm sure hot to you would be delightfully cool to a Texan. One of the main things I liked about England and Ireland was that it was cool enough to go outside for my walks every day. It did rain a bit though. In Texas this time of year it's just so hot and humid we are almost prisoners in our houses. It stays hot and humid all evening and all night. The nice thing I have found out about Denver, Colorado is that while it does get very hot during the day with a very hot sun, in the late afternoon it cools down as the humidity is low so I can go out and enjoy the evening. I made a promise to myself when I retired in 2010 that I would never spend another summer in Texas and I have kept that promise.

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