Leaving Again

Published: May 31st 2011
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Life on Hold
Its time to tie up all loose ends and pack my bags. I am heading out into the beautiful world again. My job goes into hiatus for 2 months as I set out to explore a new frontier. It is always sad to leave behind such a wonderful place as Steamboat Springs, but it will be waiting for me upon my return....hopefully. Steamboat has a Colorado state record for its snowpak and everyone is worried about potential flooding. Luckily my apartment is on the second floor!

My new adventure is going to take me to the otherside of the planet. Where north is south and south is north, or something like that. My first stop, besides long layovers in Denver and LAX, is Melbourne, Australia. I finally get to meet the lovely Natalie's parents and see what Australia is all about. After 2.5 weeks of potential pampering, I am flying out to a country vastly different from our own, but whose history is intertwined with ours. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is my first stop in South East Asia. Beyond this is anybody's guess as to how long I will stay and where exactly I will go. I hope you all join me as I putt along from place to place and hopefully have an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you and lots of love.



31st May 2011

Guess I won't see you guys in Big Sky Country this summer. The Stanchfields are still talking about you guys and you are both always welcome to our home
1st June 2011

Bon Voyage!
Have a great trip, James!!!
3rd June 2011

I hope you get the Shits!!

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