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August 7th 2019
Published: August 7th 2019
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Well the Nelson‘s are on another adventure. We are going to do some reminiscing from my youth. Or I should say I am reminiscing and Joanne is going along to listen to my reliving those memories. While I was attending the University of Colorado in Boulder I worked a summer building trails in the Roosevelt National Forest. My base was at the Stub Creek Ranger Station which housed the local rangers family. The forest service discontinued that practice many years ago. Now the cabin can be rented out so that is were we are staying. Nearest town is Walden a good hour drive away. No TV, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone. I think this is what they call off the grid. We will see how that goes.

Right now are spending the night in Silt, Colorado and then on to Stub Creek in the morning, about 5 hours away. When I use to hunt we would drive through here on our way to Rifle, both a wide spot on a 2 lane road. Now Rifle has a Walmart. Enough of ancient history.

That is it for now. Not sure when I will be able to post again. We will see.

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8th August 2019

Enjoyed the reminiscing. Brought back memories of my own. Interviewed for a job in Walden back in the dark ages. Probably a good thing that I did not get it. I remember them asking what I would do on the weekends in the winter when part of the road to Ft. Collins was closed. I thought maybe I could cross country ski over and have Walter pick me up. Ha! Nice pictures!
8th August 2019

When I was there a lot of the road was gravel
8th August 2019

Joanne was telling me where you guys are staying, sounds like ruffing it to me!
8th August 2019

Tonight we will be sort of rough it.
8th August 2019

But how are you feeling???
8th August 2019

I am doing good. Question is how are you doing?

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