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June 16th 2018
Published: July 13th 2018
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Fountain Colorado Campground WaterfallFountain Colorado Campground WaterfallFountain Colorado Campground Waterfall

This is the first spillway we deemed as a waterfall when we first started our trip. Little did we know what amazing falls we were to see in the very near future.
We finally made it to Colorado and the mountains of fun begins. No sense in starting small so we began with the drive up Pike's Peak. It is not for the faint of heart and the air starts to get a little thin at 14,410 above sea level. Especially when we are from Jacksonville, FL where 40 feet above sea level is considered really getting up there and some get nose bleeds whenever they go across the top of the Dames Point Bridge.

We had planned on taking the Cog Railroad but it was retired after last season and 126 years of continuous operation. As you will see later the drive can be quite exciting.

We hope you enjoy the photos and the stories around them as the adventure continues on the way to Alaska.

Marvin and Bonnie

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Campground RabbitsCampground Rabbits
Campground Rabbits

This is a part of a family of rabbits that made themselves home next to our campsite. They were curious but not tame. They would take off quickly if you came too near.
Pike's Peak lake on the way to the summitPike's Peak lake on the way to the summit
Pike's Peak lake on the way to the summit

There were plenty of fishermen on the lake at around 6700 foot of elevation. That is the peak off in the distance. The total trip from base to summit is about 19 miles. You will see the elevation changes and a view of the lake from almost the top of the mountain.
Yes there is a BigfootYes there is a Bigfoot
Yes there is a Bigfoot

Bonnie and Sadie found Big foot on the way up. Quite a carving and you can see his remarkable size. The Legend lives on Pike's Peak.
Great Family PhotoGreat Family Photo
Great Family Photo

I had to join the other two in the photo. How do you like the family photo. He must resemble my side of the family. He is not near good enough looking to be from Bonnie's side.
Our Chipmunk FriendOur Chipmunk Friend
Our Chipmunk Friend

I think he introduced himself as Alvin but I may have misheard what he said.
Thistles can even grow out of rock.Thistles can even grow out of rock.
Thistles can even grow out of rock.

Really very nice shape for so little dirt to root in.
Bicycle Races up a MountainBicycle Races up a Mountain
Bicycle Races up a Mountain

We have seen bicyclist traveling on all types of mountain roads. When you see there road you will not believe they actually race to see who can get there the fastest.
Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

As you approach the area above the tree line it becomes very obvious why they named this area the "Rocky" Mountains.
Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

Another view of the rocky landscape
Bonnie's Flower and Rock GardenBonnie's Flower and Rock Garden
Bonnie's Flower and Rock Garden

Don't they look beautiful sitting among the yellow flowers. I am not sure but I think they were both trying to catch their breath. Sadie is a great sport and goes wherever we go.
Truly a Mountain Peak experienceTruly a Mountain Peak experience
Truly a Mountain Peak experience

You can tell the oxygen level is sparse and you feel rather light headed when you get here. We made it and had lunch in the lodge on top. That replenished the energy supply. Just after this picture we were snowed on and our bare arms were white by the time we got back to the car.
Downward journeyDownward journey
Downward journey

As we left the parking lot we realized that the trip down can be as exciting as the trip up. Bonnie kept trying to get me to look at the views. I tried to keep looking at the yellow lines in the middle of the road. It is a two lane road and there are no guard rails. I kept thinking that one false move and the trip will end rather abruptly.
Lake ViewLake View
Lake View

This is a view of the lake you saw earlier from the top looking down. Looks pretty small from this angle.
Pike's Peak RoadPike's Peak Road
Pike's Peak Road

Yes that is the road we drove down. it is so steep they actually stop you part of the way down and measure your brake temperature. If you exceed a certain temperature you have to pull off and let them cool down. I geared down on the way downs and passed the temperature test. The nice lady that measured our brakes gave Sadie a treat for being such a brave dog. Next time she drives and I will get the treat.

14th July 2018
Thistles can even grow out of rock.

love this
this is a great picture. love it.
14th July 2018
Thistles can even grow out of rock.

Thanks. Bonnie took that one.
17th July 2018
Pike's Peak Road

Wow! Looks like fun! Glad it's you driving on those windy roads and not me! ;) We are missing you here in Callahan, but there's plenty going on here to keep us busy! Anxious to see your Alaska pictures! XO

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