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North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray September 23rd 2019

It was a grand slam morning as we started the day at Denny’s. Our hotel did have a tiny continental breakfast which we did partake of yesterday. Their offering was a choice of 3 kinds of toast, coffee and a piece of fruit. We needed something more today so we went into to town for a filling meal. After we filled ourselves and our car, we headed north. We did not have many miles to cover but the miles we did have were going to be slow. Today’s route was going to take us over the Million Dollar Highway. I have read of a few different reasons that it was named that. 1. It cost a million dollars per mile to build. 2. The drive gives million dollar views. 3. Some people state after they drive ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray October 4th 2014

October 4, 2014 Today is the day for the birthday boy to celebrate his first year with friends at the Ouray Hot Springs in picturesque Ouray, CO. No matter the weather, the 88-106 degree natural temperatures in the hot springs pool can warm your bones if not your soul. And how lovely to soak outside with steam rising around you while you gaze at snow capped mountains! This was the perfect setting for a birthday celebration. The Ute Indians thought so too. They came here years before for the spiritual qualities attributed to the hot springs waters. After the party we drove into the center of Ouray, also known as “Little Switzerland”, for lunch and then a requisite stop at Mouse’s Chocolates and Coffee, because, well, why not? Ouray, sandwiched in a canyon in the San ... read more
Last Dollar Road

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray September 6th 2013

Mercredi 4 septembre 2013, Tout d'abord un gros merci pour les messages reçus via le blog, véritables cadeaux pour nous d'en prendre connaissance, ne vous gênez pas et continuez! Avons passé un très beau moment depuis hier avec Sylvie (autre nièce de Georges) et son grand danois de 8 mois adorable et affectueux de 104 lbs (il grandira et grossira à 160 lbs) . Elle et sa jumelle Josée d'Iowa City sont vraiment accueillantes et très attachantes. Faut croire que c'est de famille! En quittant Denver, profitons d'une montée en épingles (quel vertige) sur une des montagnes à l'ouest pour aller jusqu'au point d'observation donnant une vue prenante sur la ville avec ses gratte-ciel au loin. Reprenons la route vers Boulder plus au nord où les 2 jumelles ont étudié à l'université de l'endroit en raison ... read more
4 sept. Départ Denver
4 sept. Denver, Scenic Road (4)
4 sept. Denver vue d'en haut

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray May 26th 2013

Sunday May 26 – I explored Ouray today and it is kind of a neat little town. It has a hot springs and a couple of waterfalls. I had discovered that there was a forest service campground called Amphitheater Campground on the mountain East of the town. I went out on Hwy 550 a bit south of town and took the turnoff to Amphitheater Campground. I stopped at a very impressive stream that on one side of the bridge was a cascading waterfall and on the other a chasm carved into the rock. I took a leisurly look, then I drove up to the campground. It was a quite nice campground with nice sites. It had pit toilets with potable water from a spigot. I staked out a good spot by leaving a few low value ... read more
South end of Ouray
Waterfall on the way up to the campground

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray May 25th 2013

Antero Reservoir to Ouray - Saturday May 25 –At Antero Reservoir it got seriously cold last night because of the altitude and it being basically desert country and I used my two lighter blankets plus my big heavy blanket. I woke up early at 0530 AM and warmed up the truck for 5 minutes or so before climbing back on the gravel road to Hwy 24 and heading West towards the junction of Hwy 24 and 285 at Antero Jct. Within a couple of miles I came to the intersection and went south on Hwy 24/285 and over Trout Creek Pass at 9487 ft. to the intersection where Hwy 24 heads north towards Buena Vista and Hwy 285 goes south to Poncha Springs where I headed West on Hwy 50. I started climbing again on a ... read more
The mountains I just passed through
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Black Canyon of the Gunnison

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray October 26th 2012

Nearby to Mexican Hat is Goosenecks State Park, which overlooks part of the San Juan river. From here, the depths to the river below reach over 1000 feet as the river snakes sharply back and forth - giving the place its name. Or perhaps it was discovered by John Goosenecks. I forget. But make sure to check out the panoramic photo I took below. At this point the route went off the beaten path somewhat. I had done quite a lot of research for this trip and browsed a lot of travel forums. Some insiders suggested we take the road from Mexican Hat up the Moki dugway. This turned out to be a dirt trail, right up the side of a massive cliff, climbing 1,100 feet in just 3 miles! The beast didn't enjoy it so ... read more
Top of Moki Dugway
Owachomo Bridge
Hot Springs park

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray October 4th 2011

Today, I got to experience some of the best of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and some of the worst. It says something about the scenery around here that the latter had little effect on the former. I woke up to pouring rain. Not just any rain, the continuous sheets that only seem to appear in the spring and autumn. The temperature has dropped too, so it was noticeably colder than yesterday. The dirt streets have turned to mud, with water flowing in big ruts. The rain and cold are a serious problem, because I booked a jeep tour today. I ultimately went anyway, and it was still worth it. San Juan Jeep Tour Dirt tracks cover most of the Rocky Mountains. Miners showed up in southwest Colorado looking for gold in the 1860s. They found ... read more
Deer in road
Pipe waterfall
House in woods

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray March 28th 2011

After waking up after a really good night under the stars, there was no rush to breakfast and then pack and load up, as we were heading into Durango for a spot of breakfast, whilst Becca was taking to hospital. She had picked up some altitude sickness in the previous couple of days, and wasn’t feeling any better. As a nurse, Tanya insisted on going with her, so after dropping us of at a restaurant Todd tooks the two to hospital. Whilst taking in one of the games of the day’s World Cup action we had a break from the norm and had a decent breakfast before walking along the main stretch of the town to the post office where our lift would be meeting us. As a stop of whilst Todd returned to pick up ... read more
My war wound!
Enjoying a free beer!
Animas Forks

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray August 18th 2010

Wow! We drove 70 miles north today on the windy Highway 550 to Ouray. This road is fondly called the Million Dollar Highway. It's a maze of twists and turns with no guardrails and amazing views of mountains and the Animas River below. When we got to Ouray we decided to take a 4 hour Jeep ride to the top of Imogene Pass. At 13,114 feet we could see both the towns of Ouray and Telluride. You could see the rain falling over Telluride through the clouds at this spot - very cool. Along the way up we saw many water falls, a closed gold mine (including tailings, a 13 mile tunnel to Telluride, and lots of rusted equipment), marmots, pica, mule deer, and amazing mountain views. Coming down the mountain seemed more treacherous than on ... read more
Indiana Jones Tryouts
Drew on Rock During Jeep Ride
Drew & Dean on Rock During Jeep Ride

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray July 16th 2009

This is an older trip, I am mostly just trying to figure out how to get the pictures to work properly and make sure I know how everything works. I took a 2 week trip to the San Juan mountains in Southern Colorado to go ice climbing and skiiing. We left with no particular plan or schedule, just to climb and ski as much as we could. We stayed in a fairly affordable cabin at a great rate (Riverside inn- recommended) and climbed/ skied everyday. We climbed at the Ouray Ice Park. The park is a very unique climbing area because the climbs are not naturally occurring. In general ice climbs are formed by waterfalls freezing solid as winter approaches. However naturally formed ice climbs are few and far between, often requiring hours of slogging through ... read more
Ice Climbing at the Ouray Ice Park
Ouray Colorado in Winter
Ice tool for climbing

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