Toad in the Hole

Published: June 18th 2012
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We have Bridget coming over for dinner tonight and I am determined to make her an English dinner. However, I have realised it is impossibe to make English food with American ingredients, as everything is so sugary or has added vanilla, or is triple fried.

I went to the gym in the morning, tidied the house and attemptd to make an authentic Eton Mess with vanilla meringue pieces, double vanilla cream (I couldnt find plain versions of either) and 'confectioners' sugar, which had the consistency of flour. Needless to say the dessert was horrible. It was sickly sweet and well, American.

I made bruschetta with feta and roasted peppers for starter, which was delicious, but as British as the Eton Mess.

Jon came up trumps with Toad In the Hole, which Bridget loved.

We had a lovely evening and two bottles of wine later, felt a little worse for wear!

14th June

I spent the day at ALAC, making more Run the Rocks calls and continuing the list of 50 corporate prospects.

Jon and I spent two hours looking for cheap golf clothes for the Country Club Classic event tomorrow - it is a blind beer tasing event, but with a golf theme. Everyone is meant todress up in golf gear and match the beerss to the descriptions at each beer station. I found a diamond t-shirt for Jon and a polo shirt and visor for me. We finished off the outfits with diamond socks. Roll on tomorrow!


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