Anders' Visit

Published: June 18th 2012
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7th June

Work day. I was making calls to previous Run the Rocks participants (Run the Rocks is an annual 5k run around the venue.) I then spent the afternoon researching potential corporate partners, by looking at their CSR policies and the work they do in the community and working out which would be the best fit with ALAC. Once I have compiled a list of 50, I will approach them to intoduce them to the charity and discuss opportunities with them.

Jon went to collect Anders from the airport at 11.30pm.

8th June

We went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast (in Jon and Anders' case, a Dutch Baby) and then meandered to Park Meadows for a bit of shopping and puppy gawping. I played with a gorgeous 2 month old Pug.

After getting back, we went and swam for a while, and then showered and went to 3 Margaritas for a boozy Mexican dinner.

We watched 'Attack the Block' back at Jon's, which was surprisingly good, for a low budget British film.

9th June

Its 98 degrees outside today. After a late start, the boys made waffles with Jon's new waffle iron. They get equally excited at the prospect of food and it is quite cute to see them making food together.

After brunch, we headed to Mount Evans, which is one of the so called 14' ers (14,000 feet) mountains in Colorado. We cheated and drove up it (my feet are still really painful, but more importantly, we are all way too lazy to walk!) Jon and Anders walked up the gravel path to the summit (14, 434 ft), while I stared at the huge plume of smoke coming from a hug wild fire near Fort Collins. It has devastated 50,000 acres of land and people are being evacuated from towns nearby. It was caused by lightning and firefighters say it wont be put out completey until the Fall, which is scary.

After some piccies, we drove back down to Idaho Springs for lunch and a beer in Tommyknockers Brewery. I liked the town - it was similar to Cody, in that it was wild west but contemporary at the same time.

We headed to downtown Denver and REI after lunch and spent over 2 hours looking at bags for the boys. We left with a ne bag for Andrs and a new drinking flask for me and went back to Jon's to rest, before walking (or hobbling in my case) to the Tavern, for some drinks and 90's music.

We watched Inception after getting back.

10th June

My feet are still messed up and dont seem to be getting any better, which is really frustrating, but I didnt want to miss out on any fun, so I joined them for lunch at Yia Yia's- an amazing european Bistro near Jon's place. It was costly - at $24.95 or an all you can eat buffet, but we all enjoyed the food and company.

The boys went to the Castle Rock outlet mall after lunch, but my feet wer too sore so I finished the third Hunger Games book and rested my feet, ready to go to the IMAX to see Prometheus in 3D. It was really good.

We had cocktails at Lime Bar in the evening.

11th June

Jon had to work today, so Anders and I had a lazy day, but headed to Hapa Sushi to meet Linda and Russell for lunch.

I know there is a lot of food involved of late, but this is the Reeves' favourite hobby, so I have to mention one more place. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, which is a fantastic steak house. The manger came over to welcome us peronally and brought a complimentary plate of ribs, which rivalled the ones from Cody. The margaritas were also delicious. I cant recommend this place highly enough.

12th June

Anders and I mooched by the pool and watched some TV before Jon came back and we had to take Anders back to the airport. It was lovely to see him out here and for the brothers to spend some time together.


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