Lazy Days and Messed up feet

Published: June 17th 2012
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2nd & 3rd June 2012

Lazy days, as we were both tired from the 2,500 mile road trip.

4th June

Jubilee! But other than that, gym and meh

5th June

ALAC. Was doing bits and pieces for a donor appreciation event on June 21st and then started researching venues for an event in November. I had a specific brief to work from and think I found the perfect place.

6th June

Gym, went for a long walk around George A Wallace Park but started feeling pain in my feet about a mile in. I had to walk to King Soopers to buy milk and by the time I reached it, I could barely move. I had hug blisters on th soles of my feet that covered the heel, mid section of the foot and then separate smaller blisters between my toes. It was bizarre and really painful. I managed to hobble home but could not move once I had sat down. Im not sure what caused this, but I have never had blisters like it before.

In the evening, there was a violent storm and tonado warnings. It turns out that there were 6 separate tornadoes in the surrounding areas of Greenwood Village.


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