Published: April 30th 2012
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Well things may be looking up on the job front. I had a reply from MaxFund - they have a new volunteer coordinator who has asked that I call in and speak to her about fast tracking me through the process.

I contacted the American Lung Association this morning and am hopeful about that one, as I wrote a much better cover letter!

It seems that all I am doing is eating at the moment...we went out for Mexican food in Stapleton with Erin, Adam, Aaron, Linda and Jorge on Friday and drank prickly pear and bluberry Margaritas (weird combination). It was lovely to see everyone again and catch up.

On Saturday, Jon and I went to Daniels Park (in a gorgeous area called Castle Pines). The park is high up and we went to try and get sunset pictures, as the view over the mountains was incredible. Unfortunately, it was freezing and really dark with storm coulds, so we didnt get the pics we wanted, but I am loving my new camera (Jon bought me a Sony camera to replace one he broke last year) - yes, HE broke something of mine. Its a turnaround for the books.

Talking of breaking far, I have only broken two things; the door on Jon's closet and the shower head. I truly do not understand how I managed to break them. Im sure Jon loosens things so it looks like I am the bad guy.

We did some chores on Sunday and then went to a BBQ at Lind and Aaron's house in the evening. A couple of other colleagues of Jon's arrived from the UK, so it was a kind of welcome BBQ for them. I forgot how easy it is to get drunk at altitude and proceeded to talk NON STOP all evening, at anyone who would listen. Was such a fun night.


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