Published: June 28th 2011
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We had an interesting weekend. We were meant to go to Utah and Vegas, but neither happened, as George; (Churchy’s owner) was off work with broken ribs so we couldn’t arrange to give the dog back. We could have taken him with us but Jon was reluctant and used that as an excuse so he could play Call of Duty.

Luckily, Linda (Jon’s colleague) called us on Friday evening and invites us to Jackson Lake State Park the next day, to hang out by a hug lake and take her husband’s dad’s boat out.
We arranged to meet Linda and her husband Aaron at 11am but they weren’t actually ready for us until 12pm, so we left the house (with Churchy) with enough time spare to stop at Starbucks on the way. We had just sat down with our drinks when Churchy decided to poop runny diarrhea all over the pavement. Muggins had to clean it up and I had just finished when he felt the urge to go again. All three of us were feeling sick at this point.

We had to take him home and wash him as he was filthy, which held us up by another hour. We eventually for to Linda’s and started the two hour drive to Jackson Lake, which was North East of Greenwood Village.

We got to the lake, where Aaron’s step dad and mum had a holiday trailer. We met up with them and their 30 or so friends and neighbours from the park – they were like a family – the community are very close knit. We settled by the lake and started drinking beer and eating crisps and fruit, but were disturbed by a garter snake that was sitting near us slowly devouring a frog.

Aaron’s step dad (Tom) then offered to take us out on his boat and do some wake boarding. I stayed behind with Churchy while Jon went out and gave it a go. I was chatting to some of Tom’s neighbours in the meantime and paddling in the lake with Churchy.
After quite a few beers, we all headed to Tom’s trailer, where we had a BBQ. We then sat by their fir pit and were introduced to Smores, which are really good. We sat round the fire chatting and getting eaten by mosquitoes until about 10pm when we left to start the 2 hour drive home.

Unfortunately, Churchy’s bowels couldn’t wait the while journey and about 15 minutes into the journey, I suffered the consequences. Luckily, I had his basket on my lap and he went in that but it smelt awful and as Jon had to follow Aaron home, we couldn’t stop to clean up the mess…
Churchy had his second shower of the day when we got home and had one more surprise in store before we got to bed at about 1am. He decided to wee on Jon’s carpet (nothing new there) but it was a kick in the teeth after everything else!

Sunday was less eventful. Churchy did have a couple of accidents on the carpets, but that was overshadowed by our trip to Park Meadows to collect my new glasses, which were ready a week earlier than expected.

After a wander around TJ Maxx, (where I bought a purple dress for Anders and Elsa’s wedding), we headed to Lens Crafters, where I was amazed at the lightness of the plastic lenses, compared to my glass ones.
It was only several hours later, when we realized that one of the lenses has a smudge inside the lens. I had been trying to clean it all day and Jon realized it is a fault, so back to the opticians tomorrow!

I have been working on my prezi presentation for Bridget for the CHSAA Leadership conference in 2 weeks. With Jon’s help, it looks amazing and I am looking forward to showing it off at work tomorrow!


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