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Published: June 20th 2011
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We had a lazy weekend. Got up late on Saturday but I was desperate to gt out and do something before the storms were due to hit at about 3pm so we got our bits together and the dogs 'baby bag' and headed out to the Juneteenth festival, which is a US wide festival which celebrates the end of slavery. In some state it is a public holiday but in Denver, it is a street festival in a drug fuelled area. It is predominantly black people celebrating black culture. There was live music, stands (mainly advertising charities), games for children and food stalls. I found it sad as it was obvious this was an underprivileged area as quite a few people had breathing tubes attached to their noses and looked malnourished.

There wasnt a great deal to see so we left there and decided to head home, get Jon's bike and take it to the local park so he could try it out.

We spent about an hour and a half walking Churchy, who wanted to keep up with the bike. Jon even put Church in his bag and took him for a ride several times.

We went on the kiddies playground and found out that Churchy hates slides and swings. Then as it started raining, we started heading back home and Jon decided to take Church's lead as he cycled. It as fine for a few minutes, but as Church ran out in front of the bike, Jon came off the bike knee first and Church went flying.

Jon dislocated his toe in the fall and I am surprised thats all he had as he fell quite hard on his knees.

We ate at The Olive Garden in the evening. There was a classic car show taking place outside the restaurant and there were some amazing cars on show. I wanted to take pictures for Anders but Jon was too hungry to wait!

The restaurant wad okay. It is part of a chain and is Italian/American.

On Sunday, disaster struck. Not only did Jon and I wake up with sore throats but as Jon went to grab his towel for us to go down to the pool, my glasses fell and smashed on the floor. It was my fault for leaving them on the counter by his towel but Jon felt awful and insisted that we went to an optician and got replacement lenses.

I had a spare pair with me thankfully and really wanted a swim so we went out for half an hour but Jon was adamant we got the glasses sored so we headed out to Park Meadows Mall. We headed into Lenscraft (which was amazingly open on a Sunday at 4pm!) and as I had brought my prescription, they were more than happy to help. As my lenses are thinned down, they were pricey, but it worked out cheaper to buy new frames and lenses than just replace my lenses in my current glasses. I found some frames, they did their measurements and it cost $377 for everything. Their eye tests are $80 which surprised me, so I was glad I didnt need one of those as well. I will get my new glasses in 2 weeks...

We then looked around the mall for a dress for me to wear to Anders and Elsa's wedding. No luck. We had to glance at the puppy's in the store (Jon's idea!) and then we went to Target to get two extra dining chairs for Jon and a lock for his bike.

We started watching a new series that is being raved about over here - Game of Thrones. It is an HBO production but an English cast which was weird.

It is weirdly addictive, although I generally hate period dramas....


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