The Perfect Storm

Published: May 19th 2011
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Today is Faye's birthday. It was really nice to see her open her presents on Skype and see the family get together for their little traditional birthday celebration.

To my face, she told me she liked my present...

in other news, Sarah had her baby - a little girl that they have called Freya. I am gutted not to be there to see her. Teresa had her hen do which went well by all accounts. 80's themed dancing and roller skating took its toll on everyone!

Work is going well here. I am given the creative freedom to come up with ideas and implement them, which I love. I am working on a project for school kids at the moment and writing and designing resources to help them fund raise. I am also trying to come up with a way for us to get more air miles (as there are so many vacation wishes over here, the charity relies on donated air miles to transport the children). We are running very low on miles so I am researching ways we can boost the number.

I cant believe I have been here 1 month already. I am feeling comfortable enough to find my way around the local area now, and am being good with my regular exercise and eating patterns but that elusive British beer belly just wont go yet! I am feeling probably fitter than ever though, which is in part thanks to the altitude - you have to work 10 times harder in altitude. I liken it to flying. 10 times the alcohol at 35,000 ft means 10 times the effect. Actually, that is painful to think about.

Right now, there is an amazing storm outside. It started from nowhere - hail the size of M and M's and unbelievably loud thunder. I love storms but I cant say the same for Churchy.

I am going to happy hour shortly to meet work people. Jon and I haven't had cocktails since Anders and Elsa were here so I am looking forward to letting my hair down so to speak, although letting it down in this weather will cause untold frizziness.

We have various options for the weekend. Jon asked if I wanted to try shooting...I suggested wine tasting! I want to see a festival or something typically Coloradan but there is nothing...I will do my research!


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