07 Ridin' The Rockies HOG Tour - #4

Published: August 8th 2007
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I participated in the Ridin’ the Rockies HOG Touring Rally that was held June 25-28, 2007. The plan for the week was to spend some time with my cousins before the rally started then take the long way home after the rally. I rode my 2005 833 Sportster from KC to the rally and back home. The following is a ride report of the ride. It is divided in to parts because of the pictures.

Monday 25 June 2007
Left Denver by 9am, after Kay and I ate the last of the left over pastries from Dieters. A jackknifed semi on I-225N caused a 30 minute delay as they had closed the interstate in the section the accident was. We were routed up on side roads, I followed another motorcycle that was heading to KS via I 70 East. I told him about the Goodman Van Gogh and told him it was worth a drive through town.

That stop and go traffic set the tone for the day, HOT. I made the run through Boulder to Lyons to pick up that road kill, then on to Ft Collins. I went straight to the Motel 6 I had a reservations
My leaking thermometerMy leaking thermometerMy leaking thermometer

It a shame because I really loved this thermometer.
for, its abut 11:30am. As I am unpacking my bike and dumping my gear in the motel room, a couple comes up to me with the May/June HOG TAILS and asks if I am the one in there. WHAT A HOOT! So we talked as best we could and I signed their magazine. They were part of the RTR tour, kind of anyway they hadn’t paid the registration fee. The couple was from Mexico, they were here with another English speaking couple from Mexico that had paid the registration fee. No pin set for them! What a disappointment it must have been.

At noon to three the dealer at Loveland CO, Thunder Mountain HD, had a party for the RTR participants. Hamburgers, pulled pork or brats with potato chips were the menu. Hooters was doing the grilling and serving. The line for a burger was slightly shorter than the registration line the night before. They had a band. It’s a good thing that school is out because these guys looked to be in Jr high. Everyone was looking for shade. It was hot. How hot was it? It was soooo hot the thermometer that I had installed on my bike pegged the needle past 120 degrees, then failed. The seal broke and about half the oil that is sealed inside leaked out. I have used that thermometer for over a year, carried it all across the US and a lot of Canada with out incident.

After the dealer party, I headed to the WY state line by way of Hwy 287. I had to get my ABC point being as I was so close, only about 30 miles I think. It didn’t get cooler. I was glad I had installed a mister on the bike. I had put it on the night before I came to CO, an impulse buy the day before that. I had not needed to use it yet, but today I drained it and needed to refill it. It was nice to have on the bike though. It really worked well at keeping me cool, well worth the $10. Tonight about 4:30pm, Connie called me about my Jeep. Jeff, my neighbor, had called her and they played phone tag for the day. He had her number from an old info sheet I had handed out to a bunch of people that watched the house
Overland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line Road

Hwy 287 was the original route of the Overland stage line. This is the Historical marker that was put up.
when I travelled. It had Connie down as having power of attorney for all property and insurance matters. Darrell had called my son on Saturday, to get my Moms phone number when he couldn’t raise me on my phone. I feel that I have a lot of people watching my back. It is comforting.

I sat around the hotel and kept cool until the banquet. Not a buffet. Salads were waiting on the table when we arrived. The main course was meatloaf and vegetables, a piece of carrot cake was desert. The pin sets were there for the evening banquet. They were late getting to the rally so we couldn’t get them when we checked in. Highlights of the riders meeting. HD thinks they are special because their employees are sent on these rides. But isn’t the reality that most companies treat their customers to entertainment/food. I’m sure the cost of sending those 5 employees and the planning team of 6 to this rally was figured into our registration fee. So we treated them to the ride and they wanted applause for their dedication. This was the last time I saw any of the HD people until the closing reception and I saw 2 there.

We paid $175 registration fee for the ride, they sold 1042 registrations. This is what we got:1) A Ride Guide, that did not include a good map of the area, but had the schedule and emergency phone numbers… it was 9 pages (8”X8”), 2 of those pages were for your notes to be written in. The actual maps were posted on the internet so you had to pull them before you came. 2) They had an opening night banquet of meatloaf. 3) Before the rally they sent us; a t-shirt, a HOG neck warmer, a event patch and a compass carabineer (the compass was stuck in one position on mine). At the rally we were given a 5 piece pin set. The set was sealed in a plastic case. This pin set was probably the most expensive thing HD provided to the participants. 4) The closing banquet was changed to a farewell reception (isn’t that an oxymoron?), we were told to eat before we came. The closing had a band. The reception only had appetizers but there was actuallymore and better food at the reception then at the opening night banquet. I am
Overland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line Road

Hwy 287 -- Some pictures of the views.
not complaining about what HD gave us for our money, but just want to point out it was a money making venture for them, the ride was not subsidized by HD. I think there is about $100 of my registration money that is not accounted for in what I recieved for it. I will probably do one of these rides again. I liked the aspect of being able to travel at my own schedule, but still being part of a large group that looked after each other. Several times during the ride when I pulled over for a picture, bikes pulled over to see if I needed help.

We learned that riders were there from 4 countries: Mexico, Canada, Australia and of course the US. The US riders came from 45 states and the District of Columbia. Here is the break out of the riders:1 AK, 1 DC, 1 DEL, 1 KY, 1 ME, 1 NC, 2 ND, 2 SC, 2 WV, 3 MS, 4 AR, 4 MA, 4 VA, 5 MD, 5 NV, 6 NJ, 7 NY, 7 TN, 9 AL, 12 ID, 15 FL, 15 GA, 16 LA, 16 MT, 16 OK, 16 OR, 16 WY, 19NE,
Overland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line RoadOverland Stage Line Road

Hwy 287 -- Some pictures of the views.
20 NM, 20 UT, 21 KS, 22 MN, 22 PA, 25 WA, 31 MI, 34 AZ, 35SD, 37 MO, 39 IN, 45 IA, 48 OH, 67 CO, 72 WI, 76 IL, 100 CA, 107 TX. The youngest rider was 11. There was about a half dozen kids under the age of 16 on the ride. Half of the group was over 55 year old. The oldest rider was 79, I think he is a regular on these HOG tours. I was surprised how many people were here but were not going to do the rides. 2 couples I met were going home right after the opening meeting. Must have come for the pin set. One of the people setting at my table of 10 was just there for the banquet. She didn’t even stay for the riders meeting. She didn’t have bike in CO.

219 miles for the day.

Part #1 of the trip can be found here: 07 Ridin' The Rockies HOG Tour - #1

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Stone Henge Stone Henge
Stone Henge

I don't think I am spelling that right. but you know the Druid place in England? Well Ft. Collins has one too!

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