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August 8th 2019
Published: August 9th 2019
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So we are now at the Stub Creek Ranger Cabin. A shorter day of driving in miles. We drove on I 70 for about 60 miles and then turned north towards Walden. The scenery was beautiful, but it was all 2 lane roads winding through the mountains. Much slower driving. We made a stop in Walden for some more groceries, gas, and lunch at the Moose Creek Cafe. Walden is about 50 miles and a hour drive to Stub Creek. The last 20 miles are dirt road just the way I remember it. The first time I drove to Stub Creek was when I was hired by the forest service for a summer job. I drove from Boulder in my 53 ford and at the time much of the road from Fort Collins was gravel. I completely under estimated the time and arrived at Stub Creek around midnight after several wrong turns and many “were the hell am I” comments. I ended up sleeping a couple of hours in front of the bunk house in my car, terrified that I would wake up my new fellow workers. Everybody thought it was hilarious and thus my first day of work with the forest service. Luckily we didn’t hike the 8 miles to our work camp till the next day.

Anyway we are now here with no TV, internet, or cell service. So the daily blogs will hit you all at once as soon as we get to Estes Park next Tuesday. That is it for now. We cooked dinner, drank some wine, ate some pie I baked, and met our camp hosts. In between we sat on the front porch getting to know the members of our new community. Little chipper the chipmunk, the black tailed squirrel, our little hummer that visits the feeder on the porch, and the varmint with the long neck we can’t figure out what It is, No internet to look him up, and all the different birds. We will get pictures so Henry can tell us what they are.

Tomorrow we have no plans, maybe a walk around the neighborhood.

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