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November 22nd 2016
Published: January 5th 2017
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Ok…so as many of you already know or maybe guessed it I am currently back in Colorado. I cut the trip way short obviously(5 months into 10 days) but I just wasn’t feeling it. Many factors leading up to it put me off and then the incidents that occurred while in Mexico pushed me to the edge. I had to make a tough decision as I really wanted to continue this trip. I love traveling. But this trip was like all the bad things that could happen on a trip did and waaaay to early in the adventure making future travel prospects look bleak. I have never skipped out on a trip before but always wished I had more time so this was really a challenging task. But in the end coming back to a place where I feel even slightly needed seemed to be the better choice vs trudging through a trip where im not enjoying myself. I don’t feel like it’s the end of my adventures but at the same time it really feels like I want to sit in one spot and enjoy the sedentary life for a while. I don’t know what the future holds but one day at a time and it will reveal itself eventually. Ill be in the US for a while so if anyone actually reads these please feel free to come on down for a visit any time. Ciao for now 😉


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