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June 24th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Dieters Donuts Dieters Donuts Dieters Donuts

Original German pastries first thing in the morning hit the spot.
I participated in the Ridin’ the Rockies HOG Touring Rally that was held June 25-28, 2007. The plan for the week was to spend some time with my cousins before the rally started then take the long way home after the rally. I rode my 2005 833 Sportster from KC to the rally and back home. The following is a ride report of the ride. It is divided in to parts because of the pictures.

Sunday (24 JUNE 07) found us up bright and early the goal wasto get to Dieters Donut House before all the good donuts were gone. Dieters was another tradition of K & J they get donuts then either go to the city park or the national park and enjoy them. We were checked out of the hotel by 7:30 AM. By the time we got to Dieters all the sticky buns were gone. They are open until 2 PM or until they are sold out. Usually they are sold out before 2PM. Originally owned by Dieter a German immigrant, then he sold it but stayed on for a year to make sure
the new owners had the recipes right. I am not sure if I
The Tram Ride The Tram Ride The Tram Ride

The tram was a blast. This is an view toward our hotel. The big white thing is the county hospital.
have spelled Dieters correctly. The shop only had “DONUTS” on the sign. Kay and I went in there was about a 15 minute wait to be served that morning we grabbed a dozen assorted rolls and twists to go. We made our way to the local city park and sat to enjoy the donuts. After the donut break we walked along the river walk a little. One of the shops was open and I browsed. The t-shirt shop was closed but it showed its wares in the window. “Got Oxygen?” was an appropriate shirt. At 9AM the tram opened so we were there shortly after 9. The tram ride to the top was amazing. The sights from the top were great. You could see how the town was growing and how housing was creeping up all the slopes. The Stanley was viewable. The Stanley is where Stephen King stayed when he wrote “The Shining”. Jackie said that some of was filmed at the Stanley. The maze is from a hotel in Canada. At the top of the tram they sell peanuts for the local chipmunks. And they are friendly enough. Once they determine that you are not a threat to
Tram DataTram DataTram Data

Some interesting stuff about the tram.
them they really warm up to you. You can feed them right out of your hand. They stuff their cheeks with peanuts until they puff out all the way down their throats. Its amazing how many peanuts they can get in there. We played with the chipmunks for a good hour. It was nice and cool where we were the chipmunks kept coming so we were in no hurry.

After the tram we ate lunch at the Estes Park Brewery. K& J had been wanting to try it for a while but hadn’t. It was determined that I should order a beer. Which is humorous to anyone that really knows me because I don’t usually care for beer, much more of a Jack Daniels and coke drinker, even then only about twice a year. Anyway I ordered a raspberry beer, which we all tried and enjoyed. We order a sample plate of appetizers which had stuffed peppers, onion rings, chicken strips and fried cheese sticks. It was a nice place to eat and we had the down stairs all to ourselves. After lunch is was time to go by The Stanley hotel. This is where Stephen King stayed when
The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride. The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride. The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride.

Okay so I over did it a little on the pictures of the chipmunks. But they were so tame and SOOOOOOOOOOO cute.
he wrote The Shining. Did I say that already? Anyway they had guards at the gates, so we couldn’t get in but I took lots of pictures from the outside. It was time to head back into the park after visiting the Stanley. Our first stop was Horseshoe Park,which is inside Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a popular spot for Big Horn sheep, but we didn’t see any this day. We did see elk up close and personal. After tooling around the park for a while it was time to head to Ft Collins. The check-in for the rally started at 4PM. You didn’t need the bike to check-in so we were going to stop on the way back to Denver and then I would not have to hurry and get up there on Monday morning to check-in. On the way to Ft Collins we took hwy 34, this took us through ‘the narrows’. Which is high walled cliffs with a narrow base in the middle. The road was along the bottom with the water. This took us through Drake, so I made a mental note of where the town sign was so I could stop with the bike on Tuesday to get my Road Kill Safari picture. We pulled in the Ft Collins Hilton right be fore 4PM, it was 4:03 when I went through the door. I spent 50 minutes in the check-in line. I don’t think they expected everyone to check-in on Sunday at 4PM, but the line was long and slow. I got a pamphlet and an arm band, kind of disappointing like anti-climatic. After check-in we were off to Denver. Supper was the leftover chicken and veggies from Friday. I was just as hungry for the veggies on Sunday.

The big news Sunday was a phone message and subsequent calls that my Jeep had gotten creamed while sitting in my drive way. Some MORON B^#% H was teaching her 13 year old how to drive and the CHILD got confused on the brake and gas pedals, missed the corner, ran through my neighbors yard, launched over my retaining wall and banged into the rear quarter panel of my jeep. This moved my Jeep about 10ft sideways. Her van had to be towed away. The woman did not live in the area, not even in my county. do you believe this! At least she didn't
The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride. The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride. The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride.

More Chipmunks. That is Jackie's hand.
kill any of the neighborhood kids. but she had a van load of kids with her.

Part #1 of the trip can be found here: 07 Ridin' The Rockies HOG Tour - #1

Additional photos below
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The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride. The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride.
The Chipmunks at the top of the Tram ride.

You are off the hook now, this is the last one, but know that this is less than a third of the chipmunk pictures I took. Kay is with the chipmunk.
The Theater The Theater
The Theater

The Theater dates from 1913. The tall part of the building was just a marketing gimick, the owner wanted it to be the tallest building in town. The tall part is only used for storage.
Got Oxygen? Got Oxygen?
Got Oxygen?

No I didn't most of the time. This was a t-shirt I found when window shopping. I had to laugh.
The StanleyThe Stanley
The Stanley

The inspiration for The Shining.

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