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December 6th 2013
Published: December 8th 2013
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Back on June 19th I received the following message from Maisondubonheur: "Hi Bob, I'll be in Beaver Creek for two nights, the 5th and 6th December...hopefully having some snow and skiing all day long the 5th, 6th and 7th December. Will you be far away? Regards, Pierre-Alexandre." Just how he knew he would be in Colorado in December when the two weeks prior to arriving would include Sudan, Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Scottsdale, and the Grand Caymans, I'll never know. But never one to miss an opportunity to meet a fellow Travelblogger and fellow Moderator, I responded positively.

My friend is not a normal Travelblogger. As indicated by his itinerary above, he is probably the most traveled blogger we have. In a six month period he visited all seven continents, and given that the seventh, Antarctica, is really hard and expensive to get to (although a number of spammers seem to have moved there), that's not shabby! Besides, he was one of the first to Follow me, so I was looking forward to meeting this amazing person

A couple weeks ago, my daughter Rosanna, who lives in Virginia, brought to my attention a Christkindlmarkt being held in Denver. She
Christkindlmarkt in DenverChristkindlmarkt in DenverChristkindlmarkt in Denver

Bob warming up with gluhwein
knew that having lived in Germany for seven years, and having visited most Christkindlmarkts during our time there, we would definitely be interested. I was looking forward to some gluhwein! It's interesting that I find out about local events from my daughter in Virginia. It made sense to add that to my plans for the day.

6 December 2013 Friday. I had a number of errands to run before heading up to Denver. I took Linda to Choices, a pregnancy resources center where she volunteers on Friday mornings. While she was there, I met at Starbucks with a citizen who had questions about the proposed Woodland Aquatic Project. After dropping Linda home, I drove to Colorado Springs to visit my Mom in her nursing home...a bit late to have lunch with her. She loves for me to read to her as she is blind. We finished reading J. Maarten Troost's humorous book "Lost on Planet China." Then I was off to the H&M store to find a dress for each of my daughters as a Christmas present. I couldn't find parking at the local mall so headed to several malls in Denver. There I learned that the dress in question was a limited edition designer dress, which sold out the first day. Hmmm...

Time was marching on so I drove to the Christkindlmarkt venue in downtown Denver. Amazingly I found free parking nearby. The market was very small by German standards, only about a dozen stalls selling German items, but they did have a heated tent where I enjoyed a mug of gluhwein. This warmed me up as the temperature outside was 9 F or -13 C. After finishing my gluhwein, I drove to the airport hotel where I would meet for Peter (short for Pierre-Alexandre) for dinner at 7 pm.

As Peter was checking in, I tapped him on his shoulder. There was immediate recognition and rapport although we had never met before. This is what is so great about our travel centered community! He dropped his bags off at his room and then we walked a minute to the nearby Ted's restaurant where the specialty is bison raised on Ted Turner's ranches. Friday nights are very crowded, with a 35 minute wait for a table, so we ate at the bar (a bison burger for him and bison meatloaf for me).

Peter is turning 40 next week (Happy Birthday!!!), a significant milestone in anyone's life, so this provided the setting for our conversation. Our talk soon turned pretty philosophical. We shared about relationships...especially our kids (Peter is a great dad to Leslie and Tiffany); what it is like for him to be a global citizen, able to live anywhere and to travel most of the year for business and pleasure...and how this impacts his children; what our passions are...both of us are passionate about travel, which we could have talked endlessly about; our common backgrounds, he is from Belgium and lives in Thailand, and I was born and raised in Thailand and lived in Belgium; and as Moderators for Travelblog how it meets our needs and our thought on its future success.

Soon it was 10 pm and time to go, with Peter having to be at the airport at 6 am for a flight to Hong Kong and with me having a two hour drive home in snow. We agreed that our paths must cross again.

Additional photos below
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9th December 2013

Great to meet you Bob!
Wow, that's a blog! Am I allow to draw a tear or tow? Thanks to drive all the way to Denver. I had a really great evening with you...and sure we shall meet again pretty soon...somewhere. Made it to HK...and the little ones are back with me tomorrow night...I cannot wait!
9th December 2013

German Christmas and an Extended Family
I spent several Christmases in Europe, and truly, the Germans do it best! How great that a taste of it came to you in Denver. And since Christmas is for families, how wonderful that you got to get together with Peter from our Travelblog family. Except for the dresses, it sounds like a great start to the season. Prost!
9th December 2013

Bison for dinner!
Sounds like a lovely catch up with Peter. I'm very curious about what bison tastes like...I would love to try it. However I think I could skip the -13 degree weather :)
9th December 2013

Good to see Travel bloggers getting together
World travelers unite. Sounds like you had a great time and conversations.
9th December 2013

Well done guys. Having met both of you I know there would have been plenty to talk about...TWO of the most travelled bloggers we have.
14th December 2013

sounds really lovely in Denver at Christmastide. You have been very busy though. I almost met the Travel Camel a few months ago. He was in our neck of the woods and we said we would meet however the house sold and it didnt come off. It is lovely meeting people you have corresponded with but never met before. We have not got much planned at the moment but hopefully once Spring comes in we will get on the road again.
20th December 2013
Pierre-Alexandre and Bob having dinner

I love seeing photos like this on Travelblog!
Such images demonstrate what a wonderful community we have - and how our common bond of travel means that there are no strangers on this site, but only friends we are yet to meet in person.
21st December 2013
Pierre-Alexandre and Bob having dinner

We've only talked on the phone
when Linda and i were at Dave and Denise's home, but I look forward to meeting you in person someday. I agree that TB brings those with the common bond of travel together as if we've known each other forever.
22nd January 2014

Beautiful Meet-up
I love this community and the bonds. What an awesome meet-up!! Looking forward to your next post (^_^)
23rd January 2014

And I look forward to reading your blogs!
As you can see we are a very friendly community of travelers and welcome newcomers. The best way to get to know people is to Follow those who really interest you, comment on their blogs as you have just done, and participate in the various Forums.

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