Helen Hunt falls and Miramont Castle

Published: October 23rd 2011
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Savelli's PizzaSavelli's PizzaSavelli's Pizza

Turning right at the entrance to 7 falls will take you up North Cheyenne Canyon to Helen Hunt Falls
Oct 21 Friday – Helen Hunt Falls – Manitou Springs
Today drove out towards 7 falls and at the entrance of 7 falls instead of going in I turned right and climbed up the North Cheyenne Canyon Road to Helen Hunt Falls. It was a nice looking waterfall and free. From there I could have continued climbing up to High Drive but decided to save that for tomorrow and instead went to Manitou Springs to eat. I stopped at Savelli’s Pizza and had a 17 inch specialty pizza. It was very good and I ate half and boxed the other half to eat the next day. I noticed a sign on the door that you had to show your ID no matter what your age if you wanted a beer. I told them that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of and I’d do without the beer before I would submit to such a ridiculous requirement. They told me it was Colorado Law that you must show your ID before they can serve alcohol. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…..I hadn’t intended to get a beer anyway since I was driving but it still annoyed me. I had Mr Pibb since they
didn’t have Dr Pepper. The Pizza was darn good though.
After eating I went to Miramont Castle but it was closed. So I just walked around Manitou Springs a bit and then went back to the garden of the Gods again and to the Overlook on Ridge Road.
I don't know what the deal is with Travelblog's photo program. I used to be able to edit the pictures after uploading and correct mistakes but that is now longer possible....What Happened ?!! What is supposed to be a picture of North Cheyenne Canyon is a picture of a pizza!

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At the falls after climbing up to the bridge you can go further up alongside the stream but at this altitude I decided not.
North Cheyenne Canyon-1North Cheyenne Canyon-1
North Cheyenne Canyon-1

Pizza but no beer without an ID no matter how old you are !!Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

23rd October 2011

very cute narrow town , look like a western setting , with a touch of medival castle in the middle of town
have a good time ,see everything!!

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