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North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City August 23rd 2018

Introduction: This is a start of my four week road trip in September 2017. It is my affordable adventure across the Four Corners States: Colorado, Utah. Arizona, and New Mexico. I wanted to see so many of the most scenic natural places on Mother Earth. I would be driving and camping in my small truck (Old Blue) off road in the back-country of the Rocky Mountains and the high desert. This was also a survival test for this old disabled man; requiring good teamwork between man and machine, and careful planning on water, supplies, and maps. At Ratan, New Mexico I drive up the mountains to Ratan Pass to an overlook at the Colorado State line on the Santa Fe Trail on Interstate Hwy 25. I continue to Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado still on the ... read more
Ratan Pass, Colorado
Fishers Peak, Trinidad
Fishers Peak, Trinidad

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City February 6th 2016

Hi, My first attempt at a travel blog. I have tons of stories and bore so many people I know with them, that i have been told to write them down. I am addicted to travel and have been since 1987. I have a bucket list and am trying to target travel to those items, while relishing the sites along the way. The top of my list is Petra, and has been up there for awhile. Several years back, I decided to so something about that. I booked a tour of Egypt, the Sinai, and Jordan, including Petra. I booked the trip and within a couple of weeks of the trip it was canceled. The Arab Spring came about and poof went my trip. I have gone else where in the world since then, but Petra ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City May 10th 2015

What a difference a day can make. We woke to clearing skies and a dry ground, which is just bazaar considering the crazy weather we had yesterday, but glad for it. Barbara has a friend that lives in the area so we met her for breakfast before heading out for the day. We checked road conditions, weather, and got a few questions answered from her friend about the area and hit the road. We stopped by North Cheyenne Canon Park. The park is maintained by the City of Colorado Springs and is accessed by some less traveled back roads. I wasn't sure what to expect from the park, but I thought if the word 'canyon' is part of the name that it had to have something worth looking at. I also read about a waterfall that ... read more
Helen Hunt Falls
Royal Gorge Bridge
Train in the bottom of Royal Gorge

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City September 10th 2013

We had a pleasant trip along Interstate 40 with stops in Lebanon, TN, Forrest City, AR, Checotah, OK (2 nights), and Amarillo,TX . It was sunny and hot, in the mid 90’s, so hot in fact that we didn’t even make use of the nice outdoor pool in Oklahoma. We left Amarillo yesterday and had a beautiful ride on Routes 325, 87, and Interstate 25 up through Texas, New Mexico and into Colorado. Our first picture is where we stopped for lunch on the NM-Colorado border. The landscape was dramatic as we climbed into the high desert with mountains in the distance. We arrived at Mountain View RV Resort in Canon City, CO yesterday, to be greeted by a cold front and clouds. I waited for a colorful sunset picture and then for a sunrise picture, ... read more
Royal Gorge Bridge
Royal Gorge Bridge_2
Fire Damage at Royal Gorge

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City July 14th 2013

Good morning from Canon City, Co. Going to cross the Rockies today. Here is a picture of the morning sky 7:00am. Taking a helicopter ride to view Royal Gorge since the park is Closed due to fire.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City August 13th 2012

From Colorado Springs we headed to Canon City to see the Royal Gorge. We walked the bridge, took the incline railway to the bottom, and took the aerial tram across. At the bottom of the gorge we watched whitewater rafters go past and we also got to see the scenic train come through. The guys decided to try the new ride - a zipline that goes parallel to the gorge. They could see to the bottom. Great weather and day at the gorge. Unfortunately the rest of the day didn't turn out so well. We were about 2 hours outside of Durango at night when a deer t-boned our minivan rental car. Luckily Sean and Mary Ann weren't paying attention and never saw it hit. Car didn't make out so well with the mirror ripped off, ... read more
Scenic Train
Aerial Tramway

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City April 29th 2011

It is virtually weekend. Any prepare this Saturday? This morning, while my husband and I had been eating breakfast, we planned to consider our two dogs to a modest trip up the mountains. There is a new location that we consider is greatest for hiking so we are going to check out that a person out. Heading out for adventure is some thing that we do to reward ourselves following the busy days inside the law firm or inside of the court trial. It will also get ready us from worries, tensions and any anxieties that we come to feel, specifically to the different scenarios that we are to attend to next week. I believe this is something a particular person should do week soon after week. As an employee or as somebody who works difficult ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City August 25th 2010

After 5 days in Alamosa, we headed northeast today to Canon City (about a 3 hour drive) to see Royal Gorge. The views are spectacular here as you look down into the gorge over 1000 feet below. And for 2 civil engineers this is the site of at least 3 engineering feats. The first is the 2000 ft span wood decked bridge that is the highest suspension bridge in the world, the second is the Otis elevator which takes you down a 45 degree incline to the bottom of the gorge, and the third is the cantilevered railroad bridge at the bottom of the gorge which carried freight and now passenger trains. We took a walk across the bridge (you can look down through the wood slats to the gorge) and then took the aerial tramway ... read more
Otis Elevator at Gorge
Looking Up from Gorge
Cantilever RR Bridge

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City July 13th 2010

We made the trek down to the Royal Gorge (near Cañon City) for a half-day of whitewater rafting. While I have done the odd bit of rowing, canoeing and kayaking, the thought of going down some rapids was a tad daunting. While listening to the safety talks, I kept telling myself “Don’t forget this bit. Commit to memory you idiot, commit to memory”. Unfortunately for me it all went in one ear and out the other. All I could remember were the cheesy jokes. After meeting our guide and running through some specific commands, we launched and made our way down the river. It all went well until we hit a rapid by the name of “Sunshine Falls”. Immediately after going through, all I heard was a girlish scream (no it wasn’t me). One of the ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City June 15th 2010

We got to the Royal Gorge park around 2. It was not as busy we thought it would be. There are several 'air' rides included in the gate ticket price. The aerial tram crosses the gorge at nearly 1100 feet. It is only a 4 minute trip but Gary was petrified. I took several pictures of the tram and the gorge below. We didn't partake in the 'air' coaster. Didn't care to 'bungy' over the gorge. We did take the vertical tram to the floor of the gorge. It was quite breezy at the bottom but I guess it must be to create the rapids people on flimsy rafts ride. We also crossed the suspension bridge. It is quite the bridge with the names and flags of all 50 states. It got the jitters when a ... read more
Gary and I
Gary and bridge

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