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North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge July 10th 2018

Today was a great day with Steve, Greg and Taylor enjoying Breckenridge and Frisco Colorado. We had a great lunch, did some minor shopping, some window shopping and Beer tasting. It was a lazy but very enjoyable day from Start to finish. Tomorrow after breakfast with Steve, I’ll say my farewell and jump back on the bike for Sulphur Springs. ... read more
Another view of Breckenridge

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge February 4th 2017

Our first four weeks of snowboarding has come to an end. It feels like it has gone by in a flash but at the same time feels like forever ago that we opened the door to our studio apartment with trepidation (surrounded by a million, noisy college students all trying to check in!) During our time in Breck we've had so many different conditions which just goes to show how quickly weather in the mountains can change. In our first week we had tons of snow but in complete contrast, week two got off to a sunny start. We were back to snowboarding on groomers and could see the lovely scenery for pretty much the first time since we'd arrived. We were doing 50km days and still making it back down the mountain mid afternoon - ... read more
At the top of the highest chairlift in North America
The view from our room
Warming up after the frostbite day!

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge January 13th 2017

What a week!!! Our first week of snowboarding has been incredible. Some how we managed to time our arrival into Denver and our transfer to Breckenridge (two days later) in between two major storms. This is our third trip to Colorado, and on the previous two visits we've had hair raising transfers in the driving snow. Last year our tiny plane that took us from Chicago to Grand Junction landed in the middle of a snow storm and I was convinced that we weren't going to make it out alive! This time our transfer was wonderful, on a beautiful sunny day. No snow stress, just lovely scenery (and free wifi!). We arrived in Breck at the start of college week, so check in was mental and it's been less than quiet in our little condo, but ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge July 27th 2016

Geo: 39.4817, -106.038Today, we just took it easy and relaxed. I didn't do any bicycle riding.I did pull out a WORLD MAP puzzle and started working on it. It is a unique puzzle. Countries are listed, but there are not interwtining pieces. One little bump makes the puzzles fustrating.Gary and Madison drove to Safeway to pick up stuff to make Kale soup. We enjoyed that out on the patio. Delicious.Around 12:30pm, Dad, Gary and Madison and I got in the RAV 4 and drove over to Breckenridge. Here we took the Gondala up to the top of the mountain. It was FREE. There were lots of folks up at the resort. Folks were either jumping on the trampoline or going down hill on the toboggan. Again we just watched people. Met a couple from KS, where ... read more
Top of MT
Bike Ride
Gondola Ride

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge July 16th 2016

Geo: 39.4817, -106.038After watering the plants and loading up the bikes and stuff, we called Beverly to see where she was at.She was at Tiger Run, not too far from Frisco.We stopped and had a 30 min. visit with her and got caught up. She hadn't been feeling well - altitude sickness the day before.We were not there long, then headed over to Silverthorn and had a picnic lunch by the lake.We continued over the pass towards Ellen and Luke's place... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge June 12th 2016

In the afternoon after our balloon ride June 9 we hiked McCullough Gorge trail. This turned out to be quite challenging due to a lot of snow on the trail and a lack of blazes to show the way. It was only about 3 miles round trip but took us 3 hours with a stop for lunch. We ended at beautiful White Falls which was roaring at peak flow due to snow melt with the warm temperatures (70s) we've been having. Aside from the falls the highlight was three fat marmots that we saw in a couple of rock piles along the way. Driving back to town we noticed several cars parked on the side of the road, always a good sign in wildlife areas. There stood a huge male moose with a full rack of ... read more
Pika (Google image)
Downtown Breckenridge
Inside the Country Boy Mine

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge June 11th 2016

On June 9 we got up at 4:30, ate a quick breakfast and drove to a meeting point near the Breckenridge Airport where we met the pickup van for Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides. Eric, our driver, was a fountain of information about life in central Colorado. Breckenridge gets over 300 inches of snow in a normal year and has about 4000 year-round residents but adds about 20,000 workers for the ski season and up to 100,000 skiers on any given holiday. About an hour's drive south, near Fairplay, where we had our balloon ride, it is much drier, with only about 40 inches of snow. Land prices follow a similar pattern, with a half acre in Breckenridge going for $50,000 and 5 acres south of FairPlay for $4500. Heading south we drove through several tiny ... read more
Nearing the pines
Casting a shadow on the plains

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge June 10th 2016

We are in Breckenridge, CO for the AERE (Association of Environmental and Resource Economists) conference. Arrived about 3:30 on June 7 after driving about 2 hours west from Denver. The Budget rental people had talked us into an upgrade from a compact car to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which probably was a good thing given the grades we had to climb just to get to Breckenridge, let alone for any exploring we did in the area. Our room is at the Beaver Run Resort, a behemoth of a hotel right on the ski slopes and a ten minute walk from downtown. We have a kitchenette with full fridge, so one of the first things we did was grocery shopping at City Market. We immediately felt the effects of being at 9600 feet. Even gentle walking brought ... read more
Boreas Pass
Enjoying the Breckenridge scenery
Mountain goats licking our Jeep

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge July 22nd 2015

During our last posting to the US one of the great destinations in the US that we didn’t make it to was the Rocky Mountains. However, now we are living in Kansas we are next-door neighbours to the state of Colorado which is famous for being the home of the Rocky Mountains. So with John and Judy in tow we decided to once again load up the Old Girl and head across this beautiful country. However, whilst we are next-door neighbours to Colorado, Fort Leavenworth is in the far eastern edge of Kansas, so we prepped ourselves for a 10-hour drive to our destination – Colorado Springs. We hit the road about 9 am on Saturday morning and headed west across Kansas on the I-70 interstate. The area of Kansas that we live in is quite ... read more
Soda Fountain
Top of Pike's Peak
Garden of the Gods

North America » United States » Colorado » Breckenridge September 28th 2013

28 September 2013 Saturday. This time every Autumn we like to take a day trip in the mountains to see the golden aspens, some leaves tinged with red or orange, and the evergreens; and in the background a white dusting of snow on the Rockies and the deep blue sky. This is also the season when the elk are bugling, adding the aural dimension to the blaze of color. Normally we would drive to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park, but this year the heavy rains produced flash floods that have eroded roadways and flooded towns all along the Front Range, including Estes Park. So we (daughter Tamara, grandson Liam, Linda and I) decided to drive west through South Park (it's a real place after which the irreverent cartoon in named), and then north ... read more
South Park and COntinental Divide
Scene on the way to Hoosier Pass
Liam and Tamara at the Frisco Marina

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