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November 23rd 2009
Published: November 23rd 2009
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La vida es loca. Quiero experimentar lo todo.

It's all becoming so real. Daily conversations, detailed itineraries, a potential sublet; my life is progressing full force down an unknown path. Oh.... the joy. Today Alex came by to meet the roomies and check out the place. She was really cool, calm, collected; the perfect roommate. The day progressed into a blur of internet perusing and a stellar caffeine buzz. It seems that every turn I take continues to direct me to South America. A friend living in Lima for the summer, a hook up in Buenos Aires, an ideal 5 day trek through Patagonia back country. Every book I open, every post I read, even every crazy idea that crosses my mind seems to become a possible reality. This is going to be a journey of a life time, and I'm scared. Scared that I will be disappointed, scared that I won't come back; scared that my life will change completely. In reality, I will probably do a journey as I have tentatively planned, meet a ton of cool people, see even more cool things. I'll cry, but I'll often be high on the aesthetics of mountainous backdrops and lack of oxygen. And after this journey has ended, I'll return to Boulder. More than likely the same person, but a little happier, a little more content. And probably a lot better at speaking English.

And so it begins... Good bye beer, hello thrifty travels.


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