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April 1st 2009
Published: April 2nd 2009
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Colorado! If you are athletic and love nature then this is the place for you. The scenery is amazing. Some times you forget that nature can be so dramatic. Flat Flat Flat and then the mountains are the only things that block your view. Because the land is so flat the mountains appear much closer than they actually are. I was amazed at the flatness. Land as far as the eye can see. Houses sit huge tracks of land. We drove from the Denver airport to Boulder where the University sits at the base of the Flat Irons. What a breath taking view! The mountains of North Carolina will never be the same.

I set off on this adventure to visit one of my oldest and best friends from high school who is living in Boulder. He is probably the smartest person I know getting his PHD in computer science . If I understood half the things he was doing I would still be completely confused. I enjoyed meeting his new friends and drinking some of the beer the area is known for. Okay, I only drank one coffee flavored beer and had a hard time drinking that. But I did enjoy meeting his friends.

Colorado is a desert plain. Living in a desert means that there is not a lot of vegetation. There are rock gardens.

Boulder is the fittest city in the U.S. I believe it. People seem to enjoy riding up the Rocky the mountains against the wind. They then go flying down the Mountain faster than the cars. Bicyclists have been known to get tickets. People are known to have 500-dollar cars with 5,000 bicycles on top. People move here for their hobbies rock climbing, bicycling, running, spelunking, skiing and then find a job. There homes are just places house their gear. The mind set is very interesting.

Maybe it’s the landscape, maybe it’s the people and their adventurous spirit but it defiantly made me want to take up an active hobbies. It made me wish I knew how to rock climb or ski. One day I just ran around the university area . It made me want to just be outside all the time.

While I did like the beauty and active lifestyle I think the liberal attitude would make me crazy. Colorado has a very high cost of living and they are defiantly leftover hippies. I saw people protesting and carrying petitions “save the green space.” I am sure that if I had stayed longer I think I would find them pushy.

I met the photo editor for the back packer magazine and her husband was a photographer. We climbed to the top of the Flat irons and took photos for the magazine. He even used me as a model for an article on cell phone usage. Even at the top of the Flat irons I had cell phone service. The also had an article on oral hygiene on the trail. So I had to brush my teeth and pretend to have a toothache.

We drove to the top of the flatirons and it was amazing. You turn one way and you see the Rocky Mountains and the other and see the city of Boulder. On a clear day you can even see Denver.
The city of Boulder reminds me of a larger version of an Ashville art town except the art has a more western feel lots of Indian themes and lots of outdoor stuff. There are a lot of Californians here and downtown Boulder reminded me of San Francisco. Boulder is full of street performers from musicians to magicians. But the one place I bought something from? Yep Starbucks. We ate at phenomenal Indian restaurant. They were having a festival with dancing. It made me happy Middle Eastern men dancing! Doesn’t get better than that!

It was so amazing to walk out your door and see the sun set and rise over the mountains.
Boulder will always hold a special place in my heart.

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The top of the flatirons looking over to Boulder.
flat iron #1flat iron #1
flat iron #1

They were very creative with the naming of the flatirons 1, 2, 3, and 4 from right to left.
Everyone is super healthy Everyone is super healthy
Everyone is super healthy

These crazy people were running where I was having trouble walking.
trees trees

I was fascinated by the different plants that were trying to grow in such a rocky desert climate.

2nd April 2009

Trisha, I can tell you had a "high" old time. The pictures are breathtaking. I saw similar mts. in Arizona. Gr.
9th April 2009

Everything looks brown. was it all dead? or maybe nothing green grows out of the rocks.

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