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October 17th 2006
Published: October 17th 2006
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Restaurant Name: Redondo Beach Pier Coffee Shop

I am in the process of getting my money's worth from this experience. I paid around $23.00 for my share of the bill, and I figure if I tell this story 23 times, it will have cost me a buck a pop. This restaurant was the most horrid food I have ever been served.

Really, my daughter accepts responsibility for stopping here. It was too late for just simply breakfast, but too early for lunch, but the kids needed SOMETHING. So as we strolled down the pier, she suggested we stop in here for a quick bite.

So we sit down. SHE claims that right away, she had that funny feeling it wasn't going to be good, but kept the feeling to herself.

I should have had just some eggs and bacon, but decided to have fish and chips. Hey, we're on the pier ! My son in law had the fish 'combo' plate. Besides a few other things ordered, Elise, my grandaughter wanted a hot dog.

You know, it's gotta be a horrid place to screw up a hot dog- but when you microwave it too long, it becomes hard on each end. My grandaughter couldn't even bite it.

Favorite Dish: When the fish came, I could tell right away I had made a mistake. Breaded fish, probably from Sysco institutional foods. But I kept my mouth shut- my son in law got his plate, and I guess he thought all was well at first. But I took one bite out of fish and realized it wasn't even cooked inside, it was sort of 'bluish' raw. I commented that this wasn't going to do. Simultaneously, my son in law and I said the word, HORRID. That is the word that described the food. We picked at it a bit while my daughter sent back the hot dog, and the 2nd hot dog arrived. I finally gave up even eating the french fries made from processed potatoes, stacking the unfinished belching on top of my plate. I was ready to go. I should have complained, but gracefully, or maybe gutlessly, I paid the bill, left the waitress a dollar or two tip, and quickly scuddled out the door after the rest of the family.


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