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January 1st 2007
Published: January 4th 2007
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Redlands, CaliforniaRedlands, CaliforniaRedlands, California

Yup, this is a scenery from the Grohers' residence backyard.
Hey all, Logan invited me to join him and his family in Redlands, California - a suburb of Los Angeles, if you want to be politically correct. I was so excited on snowbirding idea to California, having the festive Christmas holiday by seeing palm trees swaying. Ah, that's a typical Californian dream.

We spent most of our visit around and about the Groher residence, enjoying our companions. Our Christmas spirit was high. I was thrilled to attend the Christmas dinner, and to check out many Christmas ornamentations. Whiew. I was well behaved during my stay - no chirping in the middle of the night, no flying around the room, and no going to bathroom everywhere.

We managed to visit the Getty Center in City of Los Angeles vicinity, where a lot of French antiques and furnitures are on display, and famous painters' masterpieces are hanging all around the museum wall. Of course an educated bird like myself loves to admire van Gogh and Rembrandt.

And before we head back to Georgia, all of us drove for about two hours east on I-10 to the Joshua's Trees National Park. While waiting for Logan to finish his twelve miles for
Sitting highSitting highSitting high

Well, here I am trying to get acquintenced with a native Californian plants.
his marathon training, I was observing the beautiful Mojave Desert scenery. Very bright, indeed, but beautiful. How can these trees can survive in such harsh arid condition?

Well, that's it for now, till next time.


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Christmas dinnerChristmas dinner
Christmas dinner

We're getting ready for a Christmas fiesta.
Christmas treeChristmas tree
Christmas tree

Hey, I can be a festive Christmas ornament too!

Awww I love you too!
Christmas munchiesChristmas munchies
Christmas munchies

These muchies are very good. Hey wait a minute, I'm not the munchies ... I'm not even on a plate!
Get up and Dance!Get up and Dance!
Get up and Dance!

Hahaha, they got me into Paula Abdul!
to the Getty Centerto the Getty Center
to the Getty Center

Hey, nice brand new Acura in the background!
Getty Center modelGetty Center model
Getty Center model

I look big compared to the museum's model.
Getty Center Museum plantbedGetty Center Museum plantbed
Getty Center Museum plantbed

We really like this plant bed, it's very arid and creative. Not recommended to land on or even to touch. Downtown LA is on the top left corner of picture.
Native California TreeNative California Tree
Native California Tree

I've heard these trees only can be found in the Mojave Desert. They're not bird friendly, really.
Spikey Joshua TreeSpikey Joshua Tree
Spikey Joshua Tree

I wonder how on earth you're supposed to land on this.
Joshua TreeJoshua Tree
Joshua Tree

Here we are after Logan's running session. Hmm I'm not in a very comfortable position ever, but that's all right.

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