23rd May 2012

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Another 7am breakfast and off to drive to Curry Village car park. Curry Village is the tented area, where I think Amy & Graeme stayed and met the bear.

Our plan was to walk from here to Mirror Lake.

The lake was very low because of the drought in California this year. We were able to walk into the lake on sand bars which would normally have been underwater. It was very green and in a wonderful scenic setting. The highlight was spotting a male Mule Deer on the edge of the lake, whose antlers were just beginning to grow.

On our return to Curry Villlage we had a coffee break. As the car parks fill up quite rapidly we decided to walk back to the main Yosemite Village and leave the car in Curry Village.

In the main Yosemite Village we had some lunch (burgers again).

We then split up with Vern and Annette and did a loop walk from Yosemite Village round to see the main Yosemite Waterfall, then walked back to Curry Village to meet up with Vern and Annette.

Then we set off by car to go to Glacier Point (a high level, 7,200ft viewpoint overlooking the main Yosemite Valley and well beyond). The road to it is tortuous with constant tight bends for over 20 miles. There is also no overtaking on this road so everyone has to travel at the speed of the slowest. This gets particularly acute when someone 20 cars ahead spots a coyote on the side of the road and stops in the middle of the road to take pictures of it. This happened twice on the way there, but the upside was that we did get to see a coyote in its natural habitat. There was also snow on the side of the road because of the altitude.

On arrival at Glacier Point we were surprised that the parking was so easy. On leaving the car the views were absolutely stunning with views of mountains 30 or 40 miles away that were snow capped. I am not sure that even the pictures can do justice to the panoramic view.

After waiting for Dinah to exhaust herself with taking photographs , whilst watching ground squirrels, lodgepole chipmunks, lizards, we made our way back down the mountain, through the traffic, with again a compulsory stop to observe another coyote.

Back to the Hotel for a beer and evening meal.

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25th May 2012

Great wildlife pics and Dad on top of Glacier Point, the views look amazing. It looks like you are having a great time, although you do seem to be getting very stuck on the burgers! Will you be regulars down at MacDonalds when you get back! Cleaning day at Grans tomorrow with a visit from Amy and me. Very very hot here at the moment, lots of watering of tomatoes at your house.

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