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Wow was Wednesday a long day. We woke up in Merced, ate another hotel breakfast and the Hertz guy picked us up. We were right by the road into Yosemite and we were off by 8:30. The road into Yosemite wasn't too bad, we climbed to what height? 7,000 feet. Brian's new favorite height. The park is really pretty. We were more or less auto touring, but did stop and walk into look at Yosemite Falls. There were lots of folks there, most from Europe. The road out of Yosemite was a little windier, but pretty, again with the views of the Sierras. I had a route mapped out to Sequoia National Park. We came back into California farm land, and I promptly got us lost. We finally got on track near Fresno and were ... read more
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Saturday 10 - Monday 12 May 2008 Early Saturday morning we decided to take a detour to visit Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Park is home to the Sequoia trees, which are only found here (between 5000-7000ft) and are the largest trees in the world (not the tallest or widest, but overall largest volume). This is also the time we entered bear territory. There were lots of photos of cars with doors ripped open by hungry bears, so Sean and I started getting a little concerned for the safety of our blue Prius at this point. The drive up into the mountains was very windy and narrow in places, but the viewpoints (or overlooks as they are called here) were magnificent. We stopped off at the visitor centre, which was actually above ... read more
Hug A Tree
Thin Air
View from Moro Rock

Wednesday (5.21) while Frank went on the Geology walk with a ranger, I had time to catch up on writing the blog. We parked in the day lot again. After lunch we wanted to walk the Bridalveil Fall Trail. Since it’s in the West end of the Valley, toward our campsite, we drove CT. We got stuck in road construction traffic, were directed to the wrong road and it was an hour and a half later before we reached BVF. Good thing we weren’t in a hurry. All the new roads are supposed to open Friday. After all that, BVF is better seen at a distance. The vista point is wet, wet, wet! I pointed the camera and took a quick shot. This fall is known for the wind blowing the entire waterfall all over. Back ... read more
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Lower Yosemite Falls
Cathedral Rock

We got to Day Parking early and found a shady parking place. The day was slightly cooler. A cold front is supposed to come in Wednesday. The photo class had about 12 people. One woman in the class lived in Richmond, Short Pump in fact. We walked around the meadow and the Instructor gave different ideas about compositions. She showed us where to find reflections in the meadow ponds. When the class was over I took the bus to Ahwahnee Hotel. It’s the luxury lodge for the park and was built in the 1920’s. I walked around. It was interesting. The lobby was filled with people on the internet. I returned to CT in time for lunch. Frank said he enjoyed his tree walk with the ranger. (Wednesday is the geology walk.) After eating we decided ... read more
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Vernal Falls

We arrived at the southern entrance to Yosemite about 9:15 am. For the first three nights are staying in this end of the park. Our campsite is at Wawona Village and it’s about 45 minutes (on winding road) from Yosemite Valley and all the scenic views. This location was all that was available when I made reservations in January. We spend 3 nights at Wawona, one night in a valley campground and 1 night near the northwest entrance to the park. We decided to visit the Yosemite Valley Visitor’s Center first. We wanted to get our bearings, see what the crowds were like and find where things are located and how to get to them. Park maps confuse us (I overheard a person telling the Park Ranger the same thing). We parked at a day use ... read more
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
El Capitan
El Capitan

(9-11 May 2008) My wife, son, and me took a trip from our home at Edwards Air Force Base, California up to Yosemite National Park. We like to travel to National Parks and this would be the fourth one that we have been to. This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. We had so much fun all weekend long and still never got a chance to see everything. The park is enormous and it would take at least a week to travel through all the sights there. The landscape is absolutely amazing, the weather is nice, there is wildlife all over the place, and the people are so friendly. Yes, in California, I found a place where all the people are genuinely nice. We stayed at Big Creek Meadow Ranch in ... read more
Yosemite National Park
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An early start took us into yosemite National Park along a winding road for over an hour and a half. we kept climbing higher and higher and drove past the remains of snow drifts still thawing in the morning sun. I don't thhink we knew really what we were expecting but were blown away with the enormity of the huge mountains and rock crevices that towered above us. We drove through a huge reveen with pine forests and a river running through the valley floor. The huge El Capitan Mountain soared high above our heads a mere 2 miles up into the perfectly blue sky. Eagles circled above our heads and rock climbers scaled the crevaces beneath. We had the most wonderful picnic spot alongside a beautiful lake and watched the chipmonks and squirrels squabble over ... read more
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After our time at Jelly Belly Land we drove to Yosemite National Park. The drive took four hours and I vomited just the once. Dad said the car smelt like jelly bellies and blueberry pancakes (not surprising). God Yosemite was big. We saw a bear in the trees surrounded by Asian tourists. Dad said the bear was probably stuffed. I agreed. We saw some huge rocks and waterfalls and lots of squirrels. We stayed at Yosemite for one night and had a long walk through the falls in the morning. I got soaked but it was cool. We did a tour for two hours. The tour took too long but it was cool. We then left and drove down to Bakersfield for the night on the way to San Diego. We went and saw a game ... read more
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Our whitewater rafting expedition was at the Merced river near Yosemite National Park on Saturday. Hence, we decided to spend the Sunday around that area. We spent the night at Housekeeping Camp in the Yosemite Valley. This place is generally sold out during summer; however, fortunately, we got a reservation just two days back due to somebody’s cancelation. Housekeeping Camp does not provide any housekeeping despite of its confusing name! It is a place for those who want some camping feeling, but do not want the hassle of setting up tents. Also, this is the only place in the Yosemite valley which allows camp fire! Accommodations at the Housekeeping camp are not heated. You can take your own blankets or rent them from the office for really cheap. However, if you plan to check-in late on ... read more
Drenched en route to the Vernal Fall
Yosemite Valley

Well its been 8 days since I last blogged so there is lots and lots to write about. Left Anaheim for Las Vegas via coach with the the group. The trip really proved to us how LV is in the middle of nowhere, just desert and not much else. Vegas was a little over the top and seedy for the kids but we stil had a great time visting all the Casino lobbies (all the free stuff). The Bellagio fountain is something that you need to see to believe... Its took my breath away. We spent 3 nights there, and most of the time with Lee and Geoff and family. Everyone else in the big group left after the 2nd night so it was just the 9 of us from then on. Geoff and I hit ... read more

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