The Best Destinations for Eco-Friendly Travelers in the US

Published: March 8th 2019
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Every day, the demand for ecotourism is growing, with many people expressing an interest in visiting green destinations, staying in eco-friendly hotels and supporting destinations that invest in environmentally-friendly practices.

Additionally, it’s not only about the destination but also about getting there, so more and more eco-friendly travelers are opting for green transportation. The best way to hit the road and organize a fun road trip is with eco-friendly cars that leave a much smaller carbon footprint while providing passengers with the same familiar comfort and driving experience. So, if you love an open road and freedom of private transportation, you can still hit the highway while staying green! Here are a few US destination perfect of eco-friendly travelers.

Portland, Oregon

For many years and many reasons, Portland ranks number one on the US greenest and most sustainable cities list. Oregon’s largest city uses 20 percent more renewable energy than the national average and was one of the first cities to declare its environment free of plastic bags. Now, Portlanders recycle over 60 percent of all their waste, which is the highest rate in the United States. Aside from these impressive numbers, Portland is also doing its best to reduce CO2 emission by installing timed traffic signals and providing its citizens with hundreds of miles of bike lanes. On top of that, the city is full of LEED-certified buildings, farmers markets and sustainable dining options. It’s truly the best destination for all eco-conscious travelers.

Austin, Texas

Many people think of Austin, Texas as a paradise for meat lovers and country music with its southern BBQ cookouts and live performances. However, once you step into the city, you can see why those two things are going so strong in Austin. The city is home to over 200 parks, 26 greenbelts and 12 preserves that allow fun family outings and encourage people to step outside and enjoy nature. There are also various eco-friendly hotels and businesses which makes this growing city an ideal spot both for living and visiting! Make sure to check it out on your green road trip!

Lake Placid, New York

The state of New York is most famous for NYC, but that’s not all it has to offer, especially when it comes to green tourism. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly destination for sustainable travel, check out Lake Placid. Three of the most eco-sustainable properties in the entire US are located right here: Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn, Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and Lake Clear Loge. Lake Placid is perfect for all sorts of activities like hiking, boat rowing or mountain biking—you will never be bored there!


For years, Alaska has been a true role model for all things eco-friendly and environmentalist. This state has over 100 national and state parks and is home to dozens of endangered species. Eco-accommodations that run on alternative power sources and many eco-tours and adventures attract many environmentally-savvy tourists. For instance, you can explore the extensive tundra, check out gigantic glaciers, explore mountains and roam the wilderness of Alaska while soaking in the majestic landscape. The Alaska experience often changes people in all the best ways possible!

Yosemite National Park, California

One of the best places in California, no matter what kind of traveler you are, is definitely Yosemite National Park. It’s one of the nation’s greatest treasures that has been suffering from destructive tourism. This national park gets many visitors every year, almost 4 million, which cause traffic jams and extensive air pollution. While 95 percent of Yosemite consists of wilderness, the remaining 5 percent is occupied with cars, RVs, hotels, shops and campsites. However, the reason why Yosemite deserves to be on this list is its efforts to improve the situation. For instance, the park is reducing the traffic situation with a system of hybrid buses and removing parking lots from important sites. These steps are all bringing Yosemite closer to a greener and safer future.


Hawaiians don’t know any other way than a sustainable way—this archipelago has been sustainable for thousands of years. Locals have a very strong sense of what the Mother Earth provides, so they do their best to care for the land and stay green. Aside from eco-friendly beach activities (snorkeling, kayaking and surfing) Hawaii also offers a chance to learn about ancient sustainability methods and see modern practices at work. Eco-lodges are all over the place, but one of the best things you can do for the environment and yourself is to just camp and take in all the natural beauties of the islands! The biggest flaw is that you have to fly to Hawaii, which is a bit more polluting than your eco-friendly car.

Only a few years ago, sustainability used to be an inconvenience. But, now, it’s something many travelers look for and appreciate. Hopefully, the trend of green tourism will continue to grow and we will have more and more eco-friendly destinations all over the states.


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