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February 29th 2008
Published: March 16th 2008
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Last Minute PrepLast Minute PrepLast Minute Prep

I was still doing last minute laundry and trying to finish getting all the clothes cleaned and packed into our suitcases. Since I was short a third hand, I plopped Mia in the laundry basket and carried her into the bedroom.
Like all of my good intentions, I had hoped to leave town at a decent hour but I decided to slow down and try to not forget anything. We woke up early and ran around trying to finish up all the last minute errands and tie up loose ends. It's weird to be leaving your home for a couple weeks and wondering what might happen in the meantime. Around 2pm we headed out to Redmond so I could pick up my paycheck and deposit in the bank. I called Mom and she made us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take on the road with us. We finally left town around 3pm and headed over the pass to Eugene. There I swapped cars with Autum and left her my Mazda 626 and picked up her Daewoo Laos and packed all our stuff into it in the rain, you gotta love the valley. We arrived at Autum's apartment about 5:30pm and somehow managed to cram everything from my car into her little subcompact, no thanks to Kara. I had an amp, a subwoofer, and bathroom drawer organizer that she insists I haul all the way down in addition to everything else
Great Grandma MaryGreat Grandma MaryGreat Grandma Mary

We made a quick pitstop in Roseburg so we could visit our favorite people!
we're bringing on our trip. Good thing I decided to not bring the stroller! That would have to have been tied on top. About 6:30pm we're getting back on the road to Yuba City. We made a quick pitstop in Roseburg and said hi to Grandma and Grandpa. I kept pushing to get as far as possible and make Kara's house tonight but it didn't happen. I ended up stopping at a rest area outside Weed, California and sleeping in the car. Erika kept waking up all night and complaining about her leg hurting her so I let her crawl in the front seat and I crawled in back with Mia and the carseats and kiddy crap. Let's hope tomorrow brings a better day!


17th March 2008

Sounds like the way I travel!
Leaving late, too much stuff, doing laundry at the last minute, worried about I've forgotten, visiting relatives along the's almost like I'm with you.
17th March 2008

Are We There Yet?
First night on the road and you are already sleeping in the backseat with the kiddy crap? It can only go uphill from here ....... right? lol
17th March 2008

Road Trips
Wow, that all sounds so wonderful. I especially like the part about sleeping at the rest stop. Fun times. Where are you going next? When are you going to blog the rest? Back to work yet?
17th March 2008

Fun Times...
These little trips are going to be the times the little girls remember the most. Sounds like you are having fun times, and hope you are taking lots of pictures. Take care and be safe.

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