Staycation Day 1

Published: May 7th 2012
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Husband is at a convention. I''ve taken time off work, so that I have no one to take care of but me. It's been forever since I've had time to rest, to enjoy silence. The plan for today is to rest and watch movies. I start the day with restorative yoga. This is where you arrange blankets and pillows and lay on them in ways that allow gravity to stretch you gently. My freind, Libbie calls this Guided Napping, and that’s exactly what it is.

The instructor tells us to breathe from our feet to the crowns of our heads. I want to ask how this is done, but no one else is raising their hands, so I go with it. My thin, attractive classmates fall into deep relaxation almost immediately. One woman is snoring within minutes. I can’t turn off my brain. I keep thinking about work. Then I think about how much longer I will keep thinking about work. I only have 5 days off. I have to stop thinking about work as soon as possible.

The instructor tells us that if we have a lot of thoughts, to imagine a cloud floating into our brains, through one ear and out the other. I see this more like a washrag than a cloud, but it works for about ten seconds each time I try it. When class is over, the woman next to me, looking ethereal and blissed out asks, Did you love it? I smile and say, it was very peaceful. Because it was, even though I wasn’t.


I need to nap, so tired from nocturnal cat shenanigans. But Oscar the cat gets on the bed, and he's so cute I want him to stay. Though really, I should be keeping him awake, running him through cat mazes so he sleeps tonight. But I'm so tired. Then I have to pee. So I can’t say I napped. But I rested, and that has to count. Even though I’m exhausted, I am going to the movies. On a Thursday night. I never get to see a movie on a Thursday night. So I'm going, no matter how tired I am. Is this how you're supposed to feel on vacation?


Just saw Fishing on the Yemen. Without any airports, cramped seats, icky airline food, shuttles, taxis, or jetlag (except for the cats), I was in the Yemen. I was fly-fishing. I was staring into the eyes of a sexy sheik, wondering if I had the temperament to be one of many wives. I had the theatre almost to myself. Me and two older couples. Outside, I could hear boys shouting. I don’t think it was the movie playing next door. I think it was the guys who work at the theatre, bored on a Thursday night, with five customers. I wanted to tell them to knock it off. But altercations are not on the vacation itinerary.


8th May 2012

more please
as usual we, (even dad) are laughing. Do we get four more days? Staycation should be i the dictionary , love m

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