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North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 24th 2016

Her til morgen var der ikke is på bilen, dels er vi kommet en del længere sydpå, dels er vi kommet ned i omkring 900 moh. Vi har igen haft en fantastisk dag, selv om det har været en transportdag. Uret er igen blevet stillet til vestkysttid, 9 timer efter dansk sommertid. Vi har lige spist aftensmad på en Burger King, hvor der var meget mere mad i Karens og min Whopperito end i Kurts burger. De gik så på indkøb – vi mangler bl.a. øl - mens jeg er gået ”hjem” for at skrive. Op ved halv otte tiden, morgenmad på værelset og så fik jeg lige snakket med Marianne, det var dejligt. Vi havde vandrestøvlerne til at stå under bilen i nat, så de var til at have i bilen når vi skulle køre! ... read more

North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 23rd 2011

Rocks,Valleys,Deserts and apple pie Another early day....... it's killing me! We set out early to miss the traffic and today we're off to Twentynine Palms CA with a few detours on the way. We detour off to Julian, a lovely little town which is known for its famous Apple Pie, we stop for breakfast and the cafe is all decked out like something out of the prairie, it is amazing and of course had to get an Apple Pie. The drive from San Diego to Julian has taken us through some lovely countryside with rolling hills with small forested areas in between, but, we've now left Julian and the surroundings are changing and it starts with a few big boulders here and there and now we're travelling through some of the rockiest, barren country side we ... read more
Apple Pie,Julian Style

North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 22nd 2009

Day 8 - TUE - 22 SEPT Scout and I raise early to get to the HD dealer Hutchins in Yucca Valley, CA. I find that travelers do not have a priority there. First come first serve, I will be 5th in line. As I talk with the service guy I become uneasy. It could have just been me, but he just didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Before I turn Effie over to someone I really want that warm fuzzy that they are competent and she is in good hands. He estimated that it would be $180 for them to diagnose the problem. His plan was to take it out for a ride until they could hear the problem. The problem did not sound good I was not in favor of the first step ... read more
29 Palms Mural
29 Palms Mural
29 Palms Mural

North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 21st 2009

Day 6- Sunday. Man this was nice. We did nothing. We slept in and sat in the airconditioning all day. I was ready for that. It had been a couple days since I was on line so now I am on-line so I got to catch up on my email. Three guys are living here at the house so they played World of WarCraft and I got to nap and relax. I was beat. We had McDonalds. Life is good. We watch the three movies "Feast". What a hoot. I had only seen the first one, when it came out on DVD. It was one of the Project Greenlight movies. So I had watched on TV the process of making that film. I had shared my enthusiam for the flick with Scout and over the years ... read more
The House

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