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We made our way back into southern Yosemite today, headed for Mariposa Grove, home of the great Sequoia trees. Our tram ride was idyllic – an open air transport through the upper and lower groves with a narrated audio tour as we drove. It’s hard to describe the grove, comprised of many species of tree including oak, pine and dogwood, interspersed among the giants of the forest. The Sequoias are unique in many ways. They reach heights of 250-300 feet. They have trunks up to 38 feet in diameter. Their bark is reddish and furry. They loom large overhead, with branches and needles only appearing toward the very top. They are curiosities. Virtually immune to bug infestations, tree disease and root rot, they live until they topple over in storms, usually. And that can be for ... read more
Todd on the tram
Mother and daughter
Big trees

Coming up Highway 198 from Visalia, I saw the dike before I saw the "lake" so I knew better than to believe the hype. I had planned on staying somewhere up here because, after a brief parousal of the map, I saw that some of the Sequoia National Forest bordered on Lake Kaweah. I liked the look of it. Camp for free and on a lake, doesn't that sound nice? It might have been, if i had had an airconditioned RV and could get around the idea of camping next to an over-full reservoir. But I didn´t and I couldn´t and so I ended up deep in a valley past 20 miles of ranch country at a campground that was closed. It was not a compromise. Still free but on the south fork of the river ... read more
Yes, that is a giant boulder...
Never found out for sure who lives in that house.
I won't mention...

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