Skewered on the South Fork - Kaweah Country.

Published: June 9th 2009
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Beautiful Lake KaweahBeautiful Lake KaweahBeautiful Lake Kaweah

Notice the partially submerged trees. I think there's a picnic table sticking halfway out of the water too. looks like ol' Jimmy over at the dam got drunk on the job again last night...
Coming up Highway 198 from Visalia, I saw the dike before I saw the "lake" so I knew better than to believe the hype. I had planned on staying somewhere up here because, after a brief parousal of the map, I saw that some of the Sequoia National Forest bordered on Lake Kaweah. I liked the look of it. Camp for free and on a lake, doesn't that sound nice? It might have been, if i had had an airconditioned RV and could get around the idea of camping next to an over-full reservoir. But I didn´t and I couldn´t and so I ended up deep in a valley past 20 miles of ranch country at a campground that was closed. It was not a compromise. Still free but on the south fork of the river Kaweah rather than the shotty lake. Plus It was perfect temperature wise for working on the bike and doing laundry in the river by day and cooking chili over the open fire by night. The first night I met these guys from LA who, after Cayucos gave me a much needed boost of morale and we shot the shit. Politics, religion, travel and, of course
Yes, that is a giant boulder...Yes, that is a giant boulder...Yes, that is a giant boulder...

and yes, that little stone below IS the only thing keeping it from falling on me.
differences between Canada and the US. I´m not sure if it´s Americans that bring that shit up or if it´s me but it´s old. Anyway, real cool cats. Jason and I are gonna write a movie.

from the journal:

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Never found out for sure who lives in that house.Never found out for sure who lives in that house.
Never found out for sure who lives in that house.

So we'll just assume his name is Mac Daddy and as long as you're in Three Rivers, he owns you.
I won't mention...I won't mention...
I won't mention...

the trouble I had getting back up that bridge.
So appreciate these photosSo appreciate these photos
So appreciate these photos

I worked hard to get them
Up and to the leftUp and to the left
Up and to the left

Garfield Grove. Big BIG trees.

A hippy rock?! you know you're in California when...

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