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October 9th 2013
Published: October 10th 2013
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A Dose of Outside
A Dose of Outside is intended to share a bit of nature with you as experienced on my local hikes and other adventures. Take a moment to look out the window or step outside and see what it is you see. What you smell. Notice what’s growing around you. Use all your senses and really get A Dose of Outside!

HIKE DATE: September 9, 2013, Sonoma Developmental Center

On the drive home from work all I could think about was getting outside. I’ve been indoors all day at work today, and more than usual in general lately.

You see, craft season is upon us. That’s right. Anyway, too many days inside and I start to twitch. I need to get out on the trial.

Traffic was light given the time, boots are on and I’m back out the door shortly after 5. The light will be beautiful.

It’s warm, but I’m wearing long sleeves anyway, it’s getting darker earlier now.

The trail starts straight uphill, getting right to it.

My calves are tight. I breath into them but they don’t care.

I stretch, and breathe. . .still tight.

Before Fern Lake, I turn right and
head for “Vulture Gully”. I’m a stalker, I can’t resist.

As I walk a realize my mind is racing. I try to quiet it, but I can’t.

. . .about work, my responsibilities, my other job, my to do list, my pain, my physical condition, my goals, my desires . . ugh. . . .

I try hard to focus on the beauty around me but I feel completely disconnected.

Breath. . . in and out. . .

. . .and my finances, and my plans, and my future, and my past, and my to-do list, and my plans, and, and, and

This is exhausting me and I’m missing the best part. Right now!

I decide to focus on giving all that spinning energy to the earth. She will take it and make it into something good. I’m visualizing. Letting go without judgment, or trying anyway, I walk on.

I enter a special stand of redwoods and
it hits me.


My body is tingling. The sound of the dry leaves crunching under my boots is so loud, it seems implausible. The smell! The smell is intoxicatingly delicious!!

I’m back!!! I’m present with the world and my everything!!

Ahhh. . .

My senses are alive and I can now take it all in.

What a relief. It’s true pleasure. And a blessing which I do not take for granted.

The sun is sinking and it’s great to be outside. There’s an eerie almost-quiet.

A tickle of wind generates whispers through the brush. And the birds. The birds are mostly silent, but call out to me only as I pass. Or maybe it is in warning to each other.

I hear faint rustling. Like an animal trying to be stealthy, but I see nothing.

The light is low and the colors are muted.
The energy is shifting between day and night.

A deer drinks from the lake, but departs when she spots me, or rather, notices that I see her.

Breathing deep I continue down trail and back to the car. So happy I had the opportunity to join with, leave behind, return to . . .

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