Florence Lake, Sierra National Forest: August 2005

Published: October 25th 2006
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In August of 2005, I needed a getaway. It was just a normal 2 day weekend like any other, but this time I had tremendous motivation. And I needed it, Florence lake is just 150 miles from Fresno- but the drive takes almost 3 hours one way. I left Fresno early saturday morning. Within an hour you reach Shaver Lake, a forested Gem at 5000 feet. Soon the grade increases as you reach Huntington Lak... Read Full Entry

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One of many wild hot spring poolsOne of many wild hot spring pools
One of many wild hot spring pools

it was about 34 degrees! (95 F)
The Drive Home...The Drive Home...
The Drive Home...

Highway 5 near Los Banos

26th October 2006

Reminds me of Fuji!!
Hey, those peaks are about the same height as Fuji though Fuji stands alone so is fairly breathtaking. You should photograph it. Great pics again.
17th June 2007

Nostalgic for the 50's
I am researching my family vacation slides from 1952 of this area when we took the Florence Lake ferry and hiked and camped up to Evolution Basin over about 10 days. Your photos are a big help in remembering names and places. Wonderful photos!! I'd love to do it again. Thanks
19th June 2007

Actually Ms. Manx...
Most of the peaks in this area are significantly taller than 3,776 meter Mt. Fuji! Whats more the entire mountain range is over Mt. Fuji's height, not just a tip of a volcano that cheated its way to the top instead of being uplifted my millions of years of tectonic action like everyone else. :)
10th August 2007

Fantastic photography!!
29th April 2009

Love the pics...
I actually found them on google because I'm looking for an internship out there and wanted to see the area, its beautiful. Any I ended up looking at your whole sideshow. Thanks :-)
17th April 2011
The Drive Home...

Thanks for the memories
I have been going to Huntington Lake since 1962. Have been swimming in Florence Lake, (think a got a bit of hypothermia), drove on the crazy road from Huntington to Florence, sat in a hot pool at Mono (in other words, done it all). Love your pictures. Thank you. Nina
22nd August 2012
Lake Edison, Sierra National Forest

So Awesome
I'm headed to Ward Lake tomorrow to camp with the family. Been going to these parts since I was 3 years old (45 now). It was so nice to see your beautiful pictures. Can't wait to get up there.

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