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September 26th 2006
Published: August 1st 2008
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Yes, I know. Guilty as charged. So many of you have wondered if you
have been taken off my blast list since you haven't heard from me in,
well, months!! First of all, I want to reassure you all, I don't take
anyone off my email blast list unless you request to be removed (and
after years of doing this, no one yet has asked that question!! :-) ),
and second of all, I AM still in CALI and getting ready to leave on an
adventure of a lifetime. In fact, I leave in less than two weeks!!

Ok, before getting into what the future holds, I want to let y'all
know what I have been up to the last few months. I am sure most if not
all of you know I spent 4 1/2 months in Biloxi, Mississippi
volunteering for Hands On USA, doing Hurricane Katrina relief work. I
got back to CALI in early February of 2006, and have worked
practically non-stop since then. In early August, I flew to Canada for
a reunion with some of the folks I met and volunteered with in
Thailand after the tsunami. One night in May of 2005, after working on
a rebuild project for some fishermen who lost their homes when the
waves hit on the island of Phuket, a group of us were sitting on the
rooftop of our guesthouse, enjoying the sunset, drinking a few Singhas
(local beer --mmmm good!) and collectively decided we should have a
reunion Aug of 2006. Long story short, we kept in touch throughout the
following year, kept our promise to each other, and had a wonderful
reunion together at a cottage in the Muskoka Lakes district, a few
hours north of Toronto. I spent a total of 10 days exploring the
countryside in and around Toronto and London, visiting with friends
and cultivating the friendships that took on such a deeper meaning
since first getting to know these special people in a major disaster
area on the other side of the world.

I flew back to CALI, spent a little over a week back home, worked
crazy hours, then took off for another 10 days to Biloxi, for the
one-year anniversary of Katrina (who can forget August 29, 2005?) as
well as for another reunion with the Hands On USA group with whom I
spent so much time volunteering after the devastating hurricane
ravaged the Gulf Coast.

I got back home with only one month to spare before leaving again.
Now, I have 11 days until I leave my hometown, my country, my friends
and family and all things familiar. I am ready to embark on this
major trip, an adventure of a lifetime, that will take me around the
world, with plans on visiting and exploring five continents and
countless countries. I will be traveling by myself, but meeting up in
certain parts of the world with friends and local folk I have made in
my past journeys, as well as no-doubt meeting new people, fellow
explorers and adventurers, with a similar path as I.

Another email will follow with more details as to WHERE I am headed,
HOW I will get there and WHAT I will be seeing and doing. But for now,
work beckons and I must go there and earn some more travel money. I
have a long shift today and tomorrow but will no doubt get another
blast out as soon as I have a few minutes to come up with something to
say. :-)

Hope this finds everyone doing well!!


31st March 2011

Its nice to read your life blog!! :) <3 I really love it! it inspires me to appreciate more the beauty of the world!! :)

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