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NANCY KELSEy Ben and Nancy Kelsey were barefoot and destitute when they straggled into California in the late fall of 1841 with their two year old daughter, Martha Ann. They had just completed an amazing overland journey from Sapling Grove, Missouri. They and their few remaining companions were the very first emigrants to enter California from the east over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Nancy was the only woman in that group. Being the first woman to enter California in that fashion gives her a unique niche in the history of our country. It was an unimaginably grueling trip for them. They had no established route to follow. Their wagons broke down on Grouse Creek in Northern Utah and had to be abandoned. Gradually the rest of their belongings were used up ... read more

We made it! We are here at Santa Maria! We left yesterday around 11 and got to Santa Maria at 9:30. We made the much needed stop at IKEA. Then I convinced Michelle and Jonathan to go to this really good Cuban deli/bakery called PORTOS! =) We were on the freeway going through Burbank. It was about 5:15 when I called to see what their hours were...and they close at 5:30! So we rushed off the freeway and Portos was just down the street. We got their at 5:20! Woohoo....the rush was so worth it. Michelle and I had Cuban sandwiches and Jonathan had a ropa vieja sandwich...with plantain chips. Yum! We need one in VEGAS! Tuesday we leave for San Francisco. =)... read more

Tre magnifique vignoble! Bons amis, bons vins, bons fromages! Bon temps! ... read more

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