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September 6th 2012
Published: October 1st 2012
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Still lots of back tracking to do but for those of you not interested in house renovations and baby photos- look away now.

I know this isn't strictly a 'travel blog' but we are half way round the world and many of our friends and family are interested to see what we've been doing here and to see how Kyla is growing up.


Once the birthday celebrations were out of the way we needed to start getting the house fit to live in. Gary and Milena were due to join us in one weeks time and would be staying in the house.

Stan and I decided to move in giving us more time to do the finishing off jobs. We took a mattress from Sharon's appartment and added a few upturned boxes which was all the furniture we really needed as the Kitchen was up and running and we had a patio table and chairs outside. Dining 'al fresco' is no problem in California.

Tom, Scott's dad had been joining us every day to paint and Sharon spent her time, joined by Scott when he wasn't working, chasing after contractors and choosing floor coverings, light fittings etc etc. Not to mention Kyla who was very co-operative most of the time during all the commotion.

Just one hour before we drove to the airport in L.A. to meet Gary and Milena we were still putting up poles and hanging shower curtains but we'd made it, the place was fit for habitation and no longer looked like a building site.

Welcome to Caifornia, Gary and Milena!

Additional photos below
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Demolition GangDemolition Gang
Demolition Gang

Stan and Tom knock out the old bathrooms
And a nice shiny clean kitchen with a new floorAnd a nice shiny clean kitchen with a new floor
And a nice shiny clean kitchen with a new floor

Took Stan and I twelve hours to lay!
How cute am I ?How cute am I ?
How cute am I ?

I can get away with anything when I put on my cute face
Beach BabyBeach Baby
Beach Baby

At last I'm away from that house!
I even went to a pop concertI even went to a pop concert
I even went to a pop concert

But it was a bit loud!

5th October 2012

Those Kyla pictures are hilarious! :)
6th October 2012

Kyla Photos
Glad you liked them, you can really read what she's thinking from her expressions! Missing her soooo much! And you of course! xx

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