Mariners vs Angels

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John Wayne AirportJohn Wayne AirportJohn Wayne Airport

Actually...John Wayne Airport of Santa Ana Orange County Airport...or something like that.
...At Angel stadium!

Quick trip turned into 2 days of travel. Flew to Toronto THEN Santa Ana airport (which is John Wayne airport but displayed as 'Orange County' ticket said 'Santa Ana' but the gate said 'Orange County') then on the way back Santa Ana to Denver...oh well...ended up with over 6000 miles instead of the usual 800!

Flying in toward LA I always look at the housing developments below. They remind me of doodles I use to do and then I can't help but think 'You moved the headstones but you didn't move the bodies' !

Hotel turned out to be a Motel drive-up two story deal like where you would stay in as a kid when you weren't at the campsite. In the end I actually adored the place. Had a great location as close as anyone can get to stuff (without driving for miles) and they had a cute little breakfast freebie deal in the morning. I would stay again!

Walk to the park was 2 miles. Could have taken the bus but the walk felt great. The sun was shining and the air smelt like nutmeg and I was the only one on the sidewalk!

The park is neat. Two giant caps adorn either side of the entrance and above baseballs and bats. Food options were pretty good (not as good as Mariners but good). Had a delicious sushi feast (now that they have Hideki they have sush sake and sapporo!). They had lots of beverage choices too like tequila. Truth is it was way too hot for it. Water is good! The team store was ok but not much for the non-angel fan.

My seats were fab! On the third base side sort of between Hideki and third. Fortunately I was roasting by the 4th inning. I say fortunately because moving to the stadium entrance allowed me to chat with the two guys helping seat people at the section. Chatted and moved around to a few cooler seats. Later, when I moved back to my own seat one of them came up and said 'there you you go' A GAME BALL!!! YAY! Grass stains and everything! Feeling the piercing gaze of the kids around me I shoved it in my pocket really fast and only brought it out to look at twice when the coast was clear. Yay game ball!!!

Lounges...YVR lounge is way ahead of the rest in comfort, crew and amenities. Love it love it love it. Always great snacks and reading material plus they have beer on tap (Guinness anyone or would you prefer Harps😉 . T.O. would be good but the windows are too high to look out of! Sorry United...but your lounges mostly stink. No papers or mags, the snacks are boring and few. They are usually over crowded. And you make me pay for my beer! On the good side both Denver and Santa Ana had ok views and the staff are super friendly (and Santa Ana had hot chocolate!).

This was my personal test drive for what is ahead...Yankees at New Yankee Stadium and Red Sox at Fenway! Yay baseball!

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May just be big enough for W

Angel Stadium of Anaheim for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim...

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Hockey SuperstoreHockey Superstore
Hockey Superstore

We don't even have one
Mexican Indian?Mexican Indian?
Mexican Indian?

or is it Indian Mexican? Either way an interesting buffet!

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