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April 20th 2010
Published: April 21st 2010
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Well all, it's been about five days since I got back to the states. It's been strange. My sleep still isn't what it should be... but whatever. This is the wrapup. I wanted to sort of consider what I learned, and what has changed, before leaving this thing behind until my next time... because there will be a next time.

The biggest thing I learned is to be much more self reliant. I've sure as hell never been a co-dependant person... but I still never did much on my own before. Trips were planned by others, with family or friends, even going out, if no one was around I stayed in. I'd like to think this has changed... and I'm going to try to keep it that way. Already I've found that I have much less of an ability to just stay inside doing nothing. Even if no one is around I've been leaving, and grabbing a coffee drink at a cafe, or reading in a park today.

I'm thinking meeting people aint gonna be as hard anymore either... This is one of the things that I'm really hoping won't just vanish now that I'm home. I know I'll have to work at it, but I'll be tryin for sure.

I had to have my dad punch a few holes in my belt upon getting back, that was pleasant as well.

But all in all, this trip was incredible... I went so many places, saw so many things, met awesome people... and it was a pretty huge confidence boost. Self confidence... something I can be sorely lacking at times... but I did it. I met people, traveled through multiple countries without an major set backs, stayed far under my budget... had a brilliant time. The memories I made will keep me going for quite some time...

So what's next? My job at the movie theater I've worked at since September starts again on Friday. Hopefully I won't be there long. I've got a few film jobs on the horizon. My next trips? Well I still have the option of my Birthright trip to Israel. There's all of Northern Europe that I wanna see... who knows what's gonna happen next... I dunno, but the world seems much more open now. Much brighter than it had, I think its just time to see what happens.


21st April 2010

great title
remember, never travel without your towel. :)
24th April 2010

I LOVE happy endings...
Welcome back :D

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