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North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 30th 2012

We awoke to the five different alarms we set at about 5:15 AM. The kids, still not fully recovered from travel to Barcelona from Africa, were difficult to rouse even with repeated shaking. We eventually made it down to the lobby and into a taxi. All went smoothly, first through the short hop from Barcelona to Frankfurt and then through the long haul to San Francisco. It’s been a phenomenal trip. About midway through our journey, the kids got on us for our (admitted) overuse of the word ‘phenomenal’ and Andrew instituted a rule that he got to hit us every time we used it. But it was a journey worth the money, the effort, and even the pain of being hit by Andrew every hour. It has changed our view of how accessible the world ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 24th 2012

June 24, 2012...Do you remember the days when drinks were simple? on the rocks, scotch neat, tequilla shot...well this drink is a Cosmo with cotton candy...I enjoyed the pouring more than the drink itself...but it is worth blogging about it...... read more
Pink Punk Cosmo

North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 13th 2012

Our trip got off to a good start this year. Perhaps we benefitted from some karmic rebalancing for last year’s rough start? We arrived at the airport on time and check-in went smoothly. We had time to sit down for some food once we past security (fearing we might not enjoy the dinner served on the plane). The plane began boarding on time and we were happily getting settled in our seats when someone showed up with a boarding pass for one of the seats we were already in. The flight attendant inspected our boarding passes and went off to resolve the issue. Shortly thereafter a second person showed up, also with a boarding pass for one of our seats. We remained more confused than concerned and joked with Andrew that he better stay firmly buckled ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Mateo May 20th 2012

More leisurely start today, breakfast at 8am in Hans cafe, Bob had bacon and egg on a pancake!! Which was a first and not exactly a full English breakfast, but with two pancakes substantial, the others had cereal, whimps. Checked out of the Hotel Vertigo and did scenic drive down Pacific Coast road. That is until we were stopped by Road Closed signs. We did not know this but there was a big Annual Event taking place in one of the National Parks bordering the coast road. However having circumnavigated this we ended up back on the coast road at Seal Point. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and warm sunshine but as soon as you got out of the car the wind off the Pacific Ocean was really cold and ... read more
Hard going on Beach at Half Moon Bay
Horses on Half Moon Bay beach
Seal Point

North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 19th 2011

Up at 4:30 to get dressed and drag our mattresses back into the family room. Check-in went smoothly for the first leg of the trip to JFK but the security line was ridiculous (especially for 5:45 am on a Sunday!) Our tolerance for the indignities of air travel was already pretty much shot and this was most unwelcome. Ultimately we made it on-board with a few minutes to spare and had a reasonably uneventful flight (Lauren had a drunken passenger almost pass out on her, but the flight attendant steadied him in the nick of time). Austrian Air from JFK to Vienna also went smoothly. The interior of the plane was decorated in a comical collection of colors, and the flight attendants were all attired in blindingly bright red from head to toe – making them ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 18th 2011

Slept in, retrieved our luggage (required some persistence) and cancelled planned events in Vienna. All our work had been carefully tucked away and, with our house in disarray in preparation for floorwork, there was nothing to do but vacation at home. It was lovely. We sat on our front porch for the first time ever and enjoyed the beautiful weather locally, then had dinner and margaritas with friends.... read more

North America » United States » California » San Mateo June 17th 2011

We have purposefully let a few days pass before trying to write the beginning of this tale, because it was an ugly start. It is a relevant backdrop to what follows, so here it is. On Friday afternoon, John and Sonia left work early to be home in time to move every last item out of the back half of the house ( all the bedrooms and office) to enable the floors to be refinished in our absence. We finished easily and had a relaxed departure preceded by a ritual suggested and led by our friend Maya – a brief moment when everyone sits peacefully before getting up to leave – a ritual designed to ensure a good trip. We arrived, perfectly on time, to the San Francisco airport and were quickly near the front of ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Mateo May 27th 2011

Here are some of the action adventure books or book series that take place in Africa: Jade del Cameron Mystery Series by Suzanne Arruda. Historical fiction. Book titles include: "Mark of the Lion" (1919 British East Africa); "Stalking Ivory" (1920 Mt. Marsabit, British East Africa); "Serpent's Daughter" (1920 Morocco); "Leopard's Prey" and more. "Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure" by travel writer Julian Smith. Historical fiction, 1898 and current day. Young Adult books: "A Girl Named Disaster" by Nancy Farmer. Mozambique and Zimbawi. Novel of a great adventure in the wilds of Africa for 11-year old Nhamo, who flees from her village and a planned marriage in search of her father's family in Zimbawi. "Thunder Cave" by Roland Smith. Young adult novel that takes place in Kenya. A family reunion turns ... read more

Well we are on our way to China. We drove to San Mateo tonight and we catch our plain tomorrow at SFO. We will arrive in Beijing around midnight Sunday.... read more

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