Published: March 8th 2011
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View from my motel at SLOView from my motel at SLOView from my motel at SLO

Beautiful day here today in SLO
Tuesday March 8 - San Luis Obispo
Yesterday went by a Ralf's grocery store here in SLO and found out why so many Californians were so skinny. Cheese cost $3.99 for an 8 ounce
package. I can't believe it's not Butter runs $3.69 for a lb. Sardines $2.99 a can. A small box of Grape nuts cereal $4.99. Guess I should have packed in more food from Texas. This would be a good place to go on a diet as eating less is certainly a virtue.
Gas for my truck is running $4.11 a gallon for premium which is all I can run in my truck.
Will catch up on the details here and then later today drive down to Pismo Beach and Avila Beach and look around.
Already went by the office at the Motel 6 South and paid up for another day at $46.39 plus $3 for internet. This place is quite nice and a good place to rest up and regroup.
That hard cold wind that was blowing yesterday has stopped and the sun is shining now so it looks to be a nice day today.
I guess I need to get dressed and get out the door.

The motel 6 South here in SLO has a nice feature of a "spacer" between parking spaces. Wish everyone did this. Much easier getting in and out of my truck. And the person next to me should be able to keep from "dinging" my truck.
Looking out the window at this beautiful weather makes me feel a bit like I am wasting the day in here.
The plan today is to head down to Pismo Beach and Avila and check them out.
Guess I had better get those wheels a turnin'.


8th March 2011

good luck
hope so there is plenty of spaces .have a good time

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