Mini-Golf, Hand Prints, and a Sharks Game

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November 11th 2018
Published: November 14th 2018
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A big day ahead from kids playing to getting to go to a San Jose Sharks game at night, we had to get started early. The kids played well in the morning with all the new toys, and Susie made us a delicious full breakfast. Steve, Tory, Susie, and the kids then left for Golfland and the mall to get Rosie hand prints on tile to place at the Wildwood lake house. Mini-golf was super fun for the kids, as Nathan ran ahead every hole to see where to hit the balls, and Rosie liked the different shapes and sizes of the golf course holes and running up and down them. Overall it was a success, especially if you can avoid kids hitting anyone in the chin or face with the backswing of a putter, not unlike the time Steve hit his brother Mike when they were kids at a Golfland birthday party. To be fair, Steve thought the windmill hole needed a full golf backswing, and Mike should not have been standing behind him.

From there, we took time to go to Oakridge mall to a place where Rosie could get her handprints put onto tiles. Some cute videos of Susie painting Rosie's with purple paint before she pressed it onto the tile area quite a contrast to the whining that Nathan has doing this around the same time as a 2-year old. Nathan also painted a light switch that looks amazing (In the pictures section.) We had a quick lunch at hot dog on the stick, and then headed home so Rosie could nap. Nathan helped Steve created a big train track and was a really good boy spending time playing on it. Upon waking up, Rosie was super happy to be woken up by her Nana.

The other part of the trip that was working out was going to be an earlier San Jose Sharks game than usual at 6pm instead of 7:30. Steve’s old childhood friend Joe and his son Joey also came along with Nathan and Grandpa George. Everyone put on Sharks jerseys as Nathan showed everyone his Ninja moves in the front yard, including kicks, spins, and falling down 180s. Rosie has a blast copying him, and insisted than everyone watch her run, stop, and fall on her booty. She made sure to tell everyone by name to watch her: “Daddy watch! Mommy watch! Nana watch! NayNay watch!” There was also a good photo moment in the yard. Nathan was more excited than ever to watch the game, probably because his cousin Owen and Uncle Cheston showed him some hockey recently while in Idaho. The crowd goal celebrations confused him why everyone was standing and dancing, but he loved all the clapping, ice cleaners, and most of all, the Zambonis. The exciting day made sure of a good night’s sleep for everyone, with plenty of fun planned ahead with Nana the next few days as Steve and Tory headed to Monterey.

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