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February 6th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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So, I've adjusted my itinerary and plans since I first starting dreaming of this trip, of course. I initially planned on seeing the Himalayas (India/Nepal/Tibet) then when I starting learning of Round the World tickets options, that seemed like a really exciting (and cost saving option). But as I learned more, and planned what the itinerary would look like, it felt like I was trying to fit too much in - stretching the experience too thin. So, I pondered what I really wanted to accomplish at the onset, and got back to the basics. I'm limiting the scope of my travels, for this trip, to Asia. And I feel really great about it.

I've uploaded a new map here, and am still planning for roughly 2-3 months on the road. I'm going to buy one way tickets as I go, so that I'll have the utmost flexibility in the length of time I stay in each place. I'm planning to leave on Sunday, the 10th of Feb. And my first destination will be Bali, Indonesia. I'll probably get there via Taipei, Taiwan and Jakarta, Indonesia because there isn't a direct flight from SF. I'm really getting excited - I can't believe it's less than a week away! Right aligned photo tag:

I was reading in 'Vagabonding; the Art of Long-term World Travel' by Rolf Potts last night, and a line stuck with me. It was regarding the uncommon path of seeing the world via backpacking as opposed to five star resorts or packaged excursions. "Indeed, not only does simplicity save you money and buy you time; it also makes you more adventuresome, forces you into sincere contact with locals, and allows you the independence to follow your passions and curiosities down exciting new roads."


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