Our world tour Part 2

Published: March 29th 2017
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Thursday and Friday March 23 and 24, 2017

It's over, time to return to our part of the world again.

Our flight leaves at 14.30 PM Sydney time and we will be arriving in San Francisco the same day (23rd) on 9.30 AM. Although there obviously is a logical explanation for the time difference, nevertheless it is always somewhat amazing to me that when going in the direction of Australia and countries alike, you lose a day and coming back, you gain the day back. The corresponding jetlag to these time differences is less amazing, and, particularly when flying back, less amusing.

The flight is pleasant, but as expected long, over 14 hours. Qantas is a great airline with very good service. What is different with Qantas is that they are totally adapted to the long flights and the time changes. This goes as far as that in business class you get a matrass on your chair and pajamas, all to make your journey more confortable (and it is).

As we have done on other occasions, we decided not to travel on to Miami the same day that we arrived in San Francisco, so we checked in at a nice hotel close to the airport and traveled on home the next day. We were fortunate enough to get a room, even arriving long before check in time.

Little else happened the same and following day, apart from the inconvenience that our flight to Miami got delayed for 4 hours and that we arrive home at over 1.00 AM. After a very “long day” traveling from Sydney to San Francisco, the following day was almost as long. Too bad, but little we can do about it. This minor mishap will be soon forgotten once we begin our recount of our experiences to friends and family.

This concludes Part 2 of our world tour. We have not decided Part 3 as yet, but we are working on it. We will keep you informed!!


29th March 2017

I love your post!! regards from Panajachel
29th March 2017


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