Day 1: Journey into USA, Singapore to San Francisco in 20 hours (Jan 2015)

Published: February 15th 2015
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Friday, 9th January 2015

I'm on the road again - this time to a brand new frontier, in a brand new year. I would be away from home for 17 days this time round - the longest trip I've ever made in my lifetime thus far. The trip was decided relatively "last minute". Tickets were booked in late November 2014. And after deciding where I should go, I booked 2 more trips within my big trip in USA - 5 Days to Hawaii and 2 Days to Los Angeles. The rest of my time was divided between Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland.

For some reason, as I approached 9th January 2015, I wasn't really looking forward to this USA trip. I dismissed this as a form of travel fatigue as I was travelling quite frequently over the past year. I was probably travelling more than I should and there was this calling that I should really slow down my engines after this trip.

Armed with little excitement, I said goodbye to my parents at Changi Airport before commencing on my long journey from Singapore to San Francisco. 20 hours flight journey with a stopover in Taipei - I should be thankful that my body was young enough to take it. The flight itself was okay - nothing really worth mentioning though.

I arrived at San Francisco International Airport at 6.40pm on the same day - jaded after the long hours of commute. The weather was still bearable even though it was winter when I visited. With huge delays at the US Customs, I only managed to catch the BART Train to Berkeley at 8.30pm where I met H at Paris Baguette Café an hour's later.

H's house was another 10 minutes away by bus along Los Angeles Avenue. Welcome to the USA but my body was tired and I was looking forward to a good rest instead.

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11th May 2017

I am so excited! I will be looking up some of these beaches fore sure!
11th May 2017

How exciting. Hope you have great fun and adventures! :)

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