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Yosemite = Epic!! Waw, what a day we’ve had 😊 sorry to rub it in to you all back home, going to work in the miserable weather but we were in 35 degree heat travelling in a luxury bus and hiking through Yosemite National Park which exceeded our expectations. We saw amazing views, learnt a lot about its history and San Fran’s history and finally experienced Sunny California! Today we learnt that San Fran is THE coldest city in America…so it was lovely to travel 4 hours north to this amazing, beautiful park where the sun was beaming! Our driver was really knowledgeable on the park and San Francisco and on the way back we stopped off on Treasure Island where we had some really nice pictures of the city from a unique viewpoint. We’re looking forward to heading down to LA tomorrow evening to soak up some more rays!

Just as a warning before alarm bells begin to ring, there may not be a blog post on Wednesday as we have a night journey to LA and are unsure whether we have WIFI on the bus, if we do however we shall keep posting as normal! So
Our Breakfast..Our Breakfast..Our Breakfast..

...and Annie's meals for the rest of the day! Yum!
there may be one tomorrow (Wednesday for you guys) as usual or two on Thursday to get you all back up to date!

Sweet dreams / Good Morning from San Fran

x x x

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Tunnel View Tunnel View
Tunnel View

The best view of the Park, we agree!!
Panorama Panorama

couldn't fit it all in one
Yosemite FallsYosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

This is the biggest waterfall in the US, when it is wet! It didn't snow enough for it to flow in the summer
Casual bit of yoga in YosemiteCasual bit of yoga in Yosemite
Casual bit of yoga in Yosemite

Scott had got on her last nerve!

7th August 2012

OMG - the views look amazing - def somehere for us to add to our bucket list!! Glad you're off to LA for more sunhine....enjoy!! xxxxxxx
7th August 2012
Our Breakfast..

Looks amazing, so jealous. Really look forward to reading your blog every day. So excited for you both and thanks for keeping us up to date. Enjoy every minute and love to you both.
7th August 2012

What a contrast ! San fran looked chilly and Yosemite is evidently hot ! Which surprised me as I always pictured it with ice, snow and big rivers ! Just to show how much I know ! Anyway one thing for sure is that you are having the most amazing time and that's th most important thing. Keep the updates coming Miss u so much xx
9th August 2012

Yeah it was boiling there, hottest so far!! In LA now and its boiling here too, off to the beach tomorrow so that'll be fun. Yeah we'll see you outside Circus Circus on Friday afternoon! x

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