California dreamin' with fond memories

Published: July 31st 2012
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The feeling inside you just continues to grow and it can be ignored quite successfully at times, but yet it is always there. The need. And with it comes the accompanying discussions and planning on how to do it, and more importantly, when. By now you have been reading long enough to know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s time to go out and have a big look around again. And so we find ours... Read Full Entry

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Just a sipJust a sip
Just a sip

aged to perfection
Amazing flowersAmazing flowers
Amazing flowers

nature abounds
City SunsetCity Sunset
City Sunset

View from Top of the Mark
Ride the DuckRide the Duck
Ride the Duck

a morning of fun
The BayThe Bay
The Bay

From Twin Peaks
Merry Jo & DeniseMerry Jo & Denise
Merry Jo & Denise

The Tonga Room
Love Northern CaliforniaLove Northern California
Love Northern California

Dave and Merry Jo

31st July 2012

Bon voyage!
"May the road always rise to meet you..." as the Irish say. Safe travels. Looking forwards to the next installment as I too start a new adventure.
31st July 2012

Hello Mel,
Always good hearing from you! We are excited. The next blog should be from Iceland.
31st July 2012

Feeding the rat
Loved your sweet 'good-by' to SF. I read somewhere that having a 'travel addiction' was like 'feeding a rat'. You can try to ignore it but sooner or later it has to be fed. So go 'feed your rat' and take us along with you. One tip for Iceland is if you rent a car be sure to check the weather forecast on any given day to see if it is safe to drive around parts of the island. When I stayed there with a friend in 2007 that was the first thing she did each day to determine where we would wander. Apparently unexpected storms can be quite rough. Also, places to stay away from Reykyavik can be few and far between and quite expensive. They have a system of renting out rooms in farm houses and also school dorms but you have to book far ahead. Safe journey. Carolyn gunga)
31st July 2012

Hello Carolyn,
Always great hearing from you....glad you will follow along with us.
31st July 2012

a sweet goodbye...
how very exciting dave and merry! looking forward to following your adventures. happy and safe travels :)
31st July 2012

Keep those message coming
Always good to hear from people while we are on the road. We are very excited.
31st July 2012

San Francisco is my favorite American city to visit...
but it's too expensive to live there. I'm glad that you were able to make it work for you. See you soon!
31st July 2012

California is pricey
But we certainly enjoy living here.
31st July 2012

These are lovely photos :) ...and you'll be hitting the road again! Can't wait for the stories. Happy travels, Keep safe. x
31st July 2012

Hi Tinnie
Our new adventure should be fun.
31st July 2012

Have fun and stay safe!
I'm excited to read your blogs from your upcoming trips!!! I'm sure you'll have a great time, looks like you have a great itinerary planned
31st July 2012

We are so excited
Today we start the drive to Ohio. Should spend the night in Nevada.
31st July 2012
Point Reyes Lighthouse

love this photo!! where exactly was it?
31st July 2012
Point Reyes Lighthouse

Point Reyes Lighthouse
About an hour north of SF.
31st July 2012

Iceland...Greenland...Binkleyland...high adventure in the wind. Have a ball...keep safe...and enjoy the music.
31st July 2012

Hey Dancin' Dave
All the music is in the ipod! We are ready.... look for a little gift in the is headed your way.
31st July 2012

Thank you!
Thank you both for your hospitality when I passed through San Francisco, it was a real treat to meet you. What a beautiful blog - I loved your city and can't wait to visit again. Good luck for your next adventures, I can't wait to read about them!
31st July 2012

Hi Rachael,
Dave and I were talking about you yesterday and how much we enjoyed meeting you. Hope our paths cross again.
31st July 2012

You know what you enjoy better was is coming next!
Was great to meet you in SF...and I'm sure our paths are going to cross again very soon...sometime! I'm ready to follow your adventures...all over! We have moved in our new flat yesterday....the kids had their first day at day I'll sleep...maybe end of the week...
31st July 2012

Better schedule an hour of sleep
Our lives are busy in different ways but it is all very exciting. See you soon......I'm certain!
31st July 2012

From an armchair traveller
I so enjoy your pictures and stories. Keep it coming.
31st July 2012

Until the Next Time
I can't say how much I have enjoyed your company, blogs and friendship. Look in your rear view mirror and you will see me waving goodbye before hopping on the bumper to follow you on this great adventure. Ok, so it may be figurative, but I am so excited to read about this new trip. Have fun and I look forward to seeing you again. Ciao. B
31st July 2012

You are a special friend
...and we miss you already!
31st July 2012

Those are some great pictures Binkleys! Buena Suerte....looking forward to reading about your travels to places I have yet to get to!
31st July 2012

Thanks Andrea,
We are very excited to be on the road again! Your last blog was a masterpiece! Keep that creative mind working and begin on your book.
31st July 2012

A chapter closes, but a new one opens...
A lovely blog filled with memories of a fond place. Beautiful photos too - and it is always great to see more images of Brutus - he loves posing in front of beach scenes!
1st August 2012

Hi Shane
We have loved living here and hate to leave beckons for now. Yes, Brutus does love the beach scene. He has been wanting to take surfing lessons but we have not agreed to that yet. We'll see what the future holds.
31st July 2012

New adventure!
So, where are you two world travelers off to now? Is there any place or country you have not visited? You two have experienced more in life than most of all your friends put together! Such a great life! Keep me posted! Love, Susan
1st August 2012

Susan we have only scratched the surface!
It feels great to be on the road again and the next 5 months will be an adventure! We fly out of Ohio on August 10th to Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Islands, Denmark, Germany, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Hawaii and Cuba. There are so many wonderful places to explore! Keep those messages coming.
1st August 2012

I'm so glad that our paths overlapped...
It was great to get to know you and Dave over the last few weeks, Bon Voyage!
1st August 2012

Hey Ali,
Fantastic meeting you. Wish we had more time together but we will be back. Please keep in touch and have fun exploring CA!
1st August 2012

San Francisco, we never left
Your beautiful pictures and notes brought back so many memories of our terrific twenty years in Menlo Park--I still miss Stanford and the San Francisco Opera like crazy. Have to say that those years were some of the happiest of our lives as we explored the whole state, up and down the coast, inland, down to LA and San Diego. So much beauty, such great weather. But--finally made the break: expense, traffic, Harry's company, kids elsewhere. However, you will notice that Eugene is only 600 miles north, so trips back to the magic are pretty easy. Thanks and best wishes for a great future!!!! Phyllis
2nd August 2012

It is an amazing city!
So great hearing from you. We are excited to get our adventure started. It does sound like you are happy in Oregon but this is a very special area in which to live. We can understand why you stayed so long. 600 miles is nothing.
1st August 2012

Happy trails!
Your gorgeous photos made me terribly homesick! However, your itinerary looks so exotically delicious that I'm sure you won't be homesick with all your new discoveries. I can't wait to read of your adventures! Will you be returning to CA, or was that just a lovely interlude? Happy trails!
2nd August 2012

Hello Tara,
It is great hearing from you. Thank you for taking time out of your adventure to comment. We do not yet know what our plan is when our traveling is over in January.....and we like that part. We may come back to California .....that has not been determined yet. Having a great time so far.
2nd August 2012

The World is smaller than you think...
Such a fabulous surprise to run into you at LeMay! never would have called that, but it was so good to see you. Happy trails on your next adventure, Angela
2nd August 2012

Hey Anglea-- great hearing from you.
It was great seeing you! We are happy to be on the road again... and glad you are following along.
2nd August 2012

California Dreamin' - Home Sweet Home!
It was great to read your blog! I, too, am from Northern California (Santa Rosa). In fact, our son goes to SF State! When and where are you going to next?
3rd August 2012

Hello Nanci,
Great hearing from you. We are currently driving across America heading toward Ohio to see family. August 10th we fly to Iceland, then Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Islands, Denmark, Germany, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, the Philippines, Hawaii and Cuba. Who knows where we will live and work when we return. That will be decided in a few months. Great hearing from you and please keep in touch. We are enjoying your travels. When will you get back to California?
4th August 2012

I'm sure Brutus will be representing in Iceland, Greenland, and ?????.
5th August 2012

Brutus rules!
O-H-I-O! Brutus will be going to Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Shetland Islands, Denmark, Germany (Oktoberfest!), Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Hawaii and Cuba. Will miss the OSU season, but look forward to reading about "Urban renewal." Good to hear from you.....Binkley
6th August 2012

Great to see you in SF & See you in Myanmar
Thank you so much for the great visit in San Fran the week before you left! Can't wait to read about the new adventures. My condo is rented until December 31 so I'm looking into the Myanmar visa situation this evening. See you there or somewhere.

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