Our crazy layover visit the Golden Gate Bridge!

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September 19th 2010
Published: June 13th 2012
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1: Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge 22 secs
We had just come back from Australia on our amazing honeymoon! We felt so exhilarated that even though our layover in San Francisco was a short 3 hours, our adventurous side took over and propelled us to take a quick trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, which as you probably already know, is one of the Modern Wonders of the world, and a famous symbol of California which we had never had the chance to see before. Fortunately we didn't have any huge carry ons to lug around with us. All our heavy stuff was already checked in luggage and making its way to the airplane that would later take us home. So we sped out of the gate in search of the Golden Gate Bridge.

With our camera in hand and our watches back to U.S. time (so we could monitor how much time we had left) we boarded a train from the airport to the city and walked around looking for a bus we could take to the bridge. After a short time trying to figure out the bus system we were dropped off right at the source! We loved the steep streets and the gorgeous town homes unique to this city, and we also saw and took pictures of other well known buildings like Alcatraz and the Palace of fine arts. They weren't great pictures since we were on a moving bus, but at least we saw them from afar. The impact that the bridge makes when you come into view of it still amazes me, it really is beautiful and a marvelous structure built by man. Must be nice for the locals to see it everyday!

We entered the Golden Gate Bridge visitor Center which is on the south end (not the end close to Marin county) where we learned about the bridge's history and construction. We learned that a single cable from the bridge contains 27,572 separate wires!! There was a lot of traffic both on the bridge by cars and on the bridge's side walk by pedestrians (if you see the short video I uploaded you can tell.) So we decided to be one of those pedestrians and walk the bridge. Most of our view unfortunately was covered in fog I think its because we were there so early, but we still made the most of this short visit to the bridge and I actually think the fog made the pictures we took look extra interesting. It was just a little added bonus to our wonderful honeymoon week!

If you've ever had a plane layover you know how boring just sitting in the terminal can get. And when you know something amazing is out there it makes the layover even more frustrating. Like when I had a connection flight in Medellin and all I wanted to do was run out of the airport and experience the city my mother came from, but I didn't do it because I was scared of missing my flight. So, if you ever have a couple hours to kill in this particular city from a plane layover don't be scared to go out and explore a little bit if you know its a reasonable amount of time, it might not be such a crazy idea. The airport isn't exactly close to the bridge and we still got the most use out of just 3 hours in the city, even if we only got to visit and learn about one key thing, it was worth it!

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