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baby Kaisan
Here I am (finally) writing on the road. To catch up on what has transpired since my last post...

I witnessed the birth of baby Kaisan Morgan Caritativo on April 4, 2012, at the Sacred Birth Place, a birthing center in Oakland, CA. After an incredible 25 hour labor and a couple days of decompression I am confident saying this is my path and where my soul is going to be expanded, utilized, and challenged. My role at the birth was as Margey's doula. What an honor it was to support and witness the miraculous rite of passage of child birth. The 25 hours that we (Femenio (papa bear), Margey (Momma bear), Shaman Emily (friend and spiritual space holder), Chef Emily (best friend of Margey and master chef who made sure we were all fed), Terry (Femenio’s right hand lady) and myself(doula) all spent together was one of the most transcendent multi-dimensional experiences of my life. It tops the list, hands down, of favorite life experiences. This whole post could be about what happened during those hours, but with it being my first birth and the jumping off point of my life's next journey I find myself being quiet and reserved about sharing too many details for I want to keep it close to my heart. SO…

I went up to Harbin Hot Springs alone and soaked it all in… allowing myself the full realization that I am ready to pursue this calling and develop my skills as a Midwife. I am passionate about birth. I have experienced the rite of passage that this natural event allows. In understanding that physiologically women are made to give birth, grow a child inside of them without thought/control, and then step out of the way when that incredible life is ready to be born, I see the potential of a once (sometimes more) in a lifetime experience of unconditional Love to be realized and shared. I am driven to bring my Love to this natural experience. I hold the intention of shifting birth, for those who are ready and willing, from an experience heavily consumed around fear to one of unimaginable Love. It’s a beautiful thing that we are born with this opportunity, it’s not even something we have to learn, our bodies do all the work for us if only we stay present and connected. There are no limitations on the
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Ms. Ashley Moodie!
Power we can gain as women who birth life into this world. I ask all those who are ready, to realize… Only Love is Real.

My 28th birthday, on April 8th, came and went as we celebrated it on Easter Sunday. A special year on a incredibly auspicious day filled with receiving all the love I could possibly hope for. Thank you friends and family, I feel so loved and honored.

I house sat again for dear family friends, had a fun filled ladies weekend, and left town yesterday Wednesday, April 18th. Found a rideshare on a website called 'Ridejoy' and rode up to Ashland, Oregon where I landed at the Machala family’s house and begin this new adventure… more to come.

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Birthday GirlBirthday Girl
Birthday Girl

Katie PETER!

great online rideshare organization Drove up to Ashland with Helen (film maker from Berkeley)

24th April 2012

I Love YOU!
Blessings on your journey. This world is lucky to have you. Please don't skip Eugene ;) xoxo.

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