Arrived safe and sound...

Published: April 12th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, here I am in San Francisco.

I reckon I have been up now for about 26 hours (snoozing on and off during the flight but no real sleep) but am here safe and sound. I got asked by a hostie if I was travelling solo (wondered maybe if I had it stamped on my head) but she encouraged me to move seats so ended up not having anyone sitting next to me for the whole flight which was great (epsecially as the couple I was sitting next to at first kept smooching..thought it might be a really long So, managed to clear immigration (fingerprinted and photographed), sailed through customs and even found my connecting shuttle bus - so coped better that the Sydney end. Hotel is fine and am on the 12th floor so can look out over some of the city.

Decided to have a shower and then go for a walk as got into hotel about 1pm - otherwise would fall asleep and be out of sync with SFO time. Anyway, saw cable cars, multicultural crowds, saw Macy's and Bloomingdales, visited the travel centre & picked up brochures, etc - so was out and about for about 2 hours. Streets are very steep so feel like the cobwebs were blown well away and as got back to hotel it started to rain and got very cold.

Bought subway for dinner for later on as too tired to go out. I reckon will watch a bit of tv, choose what I will do over the next few days and then go to bed early.

Oh, and I have managed to hand out a few tips but I hope to get a bit more natural at it cos just felt clumsy and I wonder if I either paid too much or too little....doesn't matter.

So, it begins...


13th April 2012

Well, you're there, that's the scariest part done! Bet you're absolutely knackered, I'm knackered just thinking about it! Got up at 6.30am so I could check if you'd blogged or FBd yet, so I've done most of the washing & housework already. Have a good sleep and get to it in the morning, enjoy! xxxx
13th April 2012

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Hiya Gill (or will it be good morning by the time you read this?), hope you are well rested. I tried to forward the link to your blog to Jennifer & Joanne, but it doesn't allow, so could you send them an invite? Jennifer = Joanne = .....Jayne currently doesn't have internet so I'll have to fill her in. Thanks, look forward to your next entry xxxx
13th April 2012

Say hi to San Francisco .
Hi Gillian ...glad to see that you arrived safe and sound in San Francisco . Is it not the most facinating place ? Don't forget to have the chowder down on the docks . There is a ferry that takes you over to a cute little villiage and gives you fabulous views of the harbour and city . Might be something you would like if you have time . Enjoy the city ...wish I was there with you . xxxxLynda

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